Best Practices For Using Tesla BioHealing Technology

Life Force Energy is a natural vital force that is produced and utilized by all living cells. Although it exists in the environment, it is not available in high enough concentrations for the body to utilize it to its full potential. Tesla BioHealing offers OTC medical devices that generate a concentrated and potent field of pure Life Force Energy, which the body can utilize to support wellbeing.

Tesla BioHealing medical devices generate the Life Force Energy field independently of any electrical, magnetic, or mechanical system, making them very safe for people with medical implants or those using various forms of home therapies. The technology has been used by over 10,000 people with no reported energy depletion even after three years of use.

The Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing devices supports the body’s innate healing capacities by providing a potent environment that allows cells to absorb the vital force of nature they need for optimal functioning. The technology does not send programmable frequencies of energy or vibration through the body, but rather provides an environment for the cells to use at will and as needed.

To get the most benefits from Tesla BioHealing devices, here are some best practices based on feedback from users:

1) Find the Right Device(s) for You.

We offer two product lines each with specific energy quotients to help address a variety of unmet needs. 
  • Our Tesla BioHealers are indicated for mild-moderate chronic conditions and are portable units that can be used day and night conveniently. We offer BioHealers for adults, children, and even pets! 
  • Our Tesla MedBed Generators are 100x more powerful than our Tesla BioHealers offering the most amount of cellular support for people with chronic severe conditions or anyone who wants to support their system for more accelerated and profound health outcomes. 
  • Our Device Use Recommendation Table provides guidelines based upon the severity of conditions and you are always welcome to reach out to us to schedule a free consultation 

2) Place your Device(s) in the Proper Position for the Recommended Amount of Time

Tesla BioHealer Placement

Tesla BioHealers whether they are Tesla BioHealers for adults, children, or pets, deliver the best results when they are placed within 3 ft. of the user, and the closer the placement to the affected area of the body the better. For those new Life Force Energy or those who know they are naturally more sensitive to energy, placing the technology 6 ft. away from the body to start with may be beneficial before bringing the device(s) closer. However, the closer the device is to the affected area, the stronger the Life Force Energy field will be which assists in activating more cellular support and cellular self-repair.

Tesla BioHealer Length of Use

We recommend using Tesla BioHealers for at least 8 hours a day. Sleep is a very convenient time to use the device. Many people place the units on their nightstands, or near their pillow throughout the evening. You can certainly use the technology for more than 8 hours, in fact the more time you can spend close to the devices the better. Many people place the BioHealers near their desk at work, securely in the car for a long commute, or simply bring them to the living room with them to watch television. As long as the device is near you, you will be within the field of pure Life Force Energy, allowing your cells to be nourished and supported. The closer to the affected area(s) the better.

Tesla MedBed Generators Placement

Tesla MedBed Generators are deigned to be placed underneath your bedframe to turn your bed into a Tesla MedBed! Simply place these powerful medical devices on the floor underneath your bedframe, directly underneath the area of your body that requires the most amount of healing. For example, for someone experiencing paralysis from a stroke, placing one unit directly under the brain and one under the stroke-affected side of the body would be ideal. If you have more than 2 MedBed Generators, you may place two under the head and two on the stroke-affected side to amplify the energy field even further, allowing for even faster and more profound cellular repair.

Note: The Life Force Energy generated from these medical devices penetrates through any solid object, and therefore will not lose efficacy by being placed under your bedframe. You may also place the MedBed Generators next to your bed.


Tesla MedBed Generators Length of Use

Sleep is a great time to use Tesla BioHealing technology since the body is already in a healing cycle. Life Force Energy helps support and enhance the natural reset and rejuvenation cycle of sleep even further by helping to cleanse the brain and body, facilitating deeper sleep cycles, activating cellular repair throughout the body, and more. Many people note that they sleep like never before on their Tesla MedBed and have remarkable health improvements even with no change to their lifestyle.

3) Continue to Use and Adjust if Necessary

The more Life Force Energy you can provide to your body throughout your lifetime the better. Even after you begin to feel better from using the technology, we recommend continued use to provide ongoing cellular support to your system.

Some people may note that once they start to feel better, they do not feel the energy being generated from their device as powerfully as before. This is due to the overall energy level in your body reaching a new state of wellbeing. You may think of this phenomenon similar to how when your body is very dehydrated and in need of water, when you drink water there is a large and notable improvement. Then once you are hydrated adequately and drink water, there may not be the same “wow” factor as before, but water is still essential nourishment to your body, nonetheless.

To increase the level of Life Force Energy that your cells have available to utilize for their self-repair process, either bring your devices closer to the affected area for longer periods of time or use more Tesla BioHealing devices to amplify the amount of Life Force Energy available to your system

  • If you are using 2 Tesla BioHealers and want even more pain relief in certain areas, either bring the devices closer to the affected area for longer periods or use additional BioHealers to target the pain points with even more Life Force Energy.

  • If you are using 4 Tesla BioHealers and want to experience even more profound and accelerated health outcomes, you may consider our MedBed Generators to provide a much higher level of Life Force Energy to the body. To learn about our MedBed Upgrade program click here: MedBed Generators Upgrade Program – Tesla BioHealing


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