Breathe Easy with Tesla BioHealing

Tesla BioHealing has developed FDA registered Over-the-Counter (OTC) medical devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. This natural, safe, and effective health solution has been helping over 30,000 people to date improve their life quality. Our technology was specifically created to help people with chronic unmet needs, and we have seen wonderful things take place in a variety of conditions that typically have no available effective therapy.

All the organs in the body, within every cell, contain and utilize Life Force Energy for optimal functioning. We have seen breathing function improve greatly when people keep our devices near them, offering their lungs increased amounts of Life Force Energy, naturally and non-invasively. Even severe and debilitating lung conditions like COPD have been quickly and effortlessly improved by providing the body with a potent environment of Life Force Energy.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is defined as a group of progressive lung disorders characterized by increased breathlessness. COPD is very common, and in the U.S. alone over 3 million people are diagnosed with this disease each year. Although prevalent, among the modern medical community there is no known cure for COPD.  

In a healthy person, air is inhaled naturally and effortlessly, allowing oxygen to enter the bloodstream. After inhalation the lungs exhale carbon dioxide, which is a waste product of metabolism. Elasticity of the bronchial tubes and air sacs is critical for the lungs to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide optimally. COPD causes loss of elasticity in the lung tissue allowing for over-expansion and resulting in air being trapped in the lungs and loss of efficiency expelling carbon dioxide. This can lead to trouble breathing, extreme fatigue, frequent lung infections, chest pain, cyanosis (bluish or grey in the lips and fingertips indicating lack of oxygen in the blood stream), and even loss of consciousness.  

Tesla BioHealing offers a remarkable and non-invasive health solution that has been helping people with COPD rapidly improve their breathing, increase their energy, and support the body's self-healing capacities.

The Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing products creates an optimal environment for cellular structures to recharge themselves allowing for activation of self-repair mechanisms throughout the body. For people with COPD specifically, the Life Force Energy provided by Tesla BioHealing technology has been proven to alleviate labored breathing even in a matter of minutes, and over time with continued use, many people with COPD are able to breath independently again without the need of at-home oxygen.  

Life Force Energy is the vital substance that all cellular structures need to function optimally. The more Life Force Energy available to the cells, the more cellular repair can take place.

In addition to cellular repair, Life Force Energy has many known benefits including:

  • Improving circulation and reducing pain,
  • Increasing stamina by increasing cellular energy directly, 
  • Increasing immunity and body's natural ability to fight off harmful environmental factors

These known benefits along with Life Force Energy's ability to recharge and repair the cellular tissue responsible for elasticity in the lungs may be why people with COPD and other lung-based conditions find relief so quickly simply by keeping a Tesla BioHealing device near them.  

Please Note: Although people often experience immediate relief from chronic breathing difficulties, we do not recommend Tesla BioHealing products as a replacement for your physician's care. Please always consult your health care provider about your condition and if recommended by your provider, consider using Tesla BioHealing technology as a co-therapy.

It is also important to note that if you do decide to use Tesla BioHealing products in conjunction with your current treatment plan, it is best to continue utilizing our devices even after the initial state of relief in order to allow for the cellular repair to continue, so that your body may stabilize in a new state of wellbeing, and continue to provide cellular support to your entire system. 

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