Do Tesla Waves also have healing properties for pets that use the TeslaBioHealing Pet Device?

Do Tesla Waves also have healing properties for pets that use the TeslaBioHealing Pet Device?

The Tesla BioHealing™ devices are known to promote the health and wellbeing of its users by increasing its ability to produce energy for the rest of the organism's body through its Tesla Waves are also known as Scalar Waves or Scalar Energy. 

Although the Tesla BioHealing™ devices have several healing properties for the human body, its product range for dogs and cats Tesla BioHealing for pets can likely share in the benefits of Tesla Waves. 


Why human scientific products can also work on animals (dogs & cats) 

While there are obvious similarities between human anatomy and animals in this instance cats and dogs; most of the results from products made designed for humans can also have the same similar effects on animals. 

This is because the canine and human anatomy are so similar. Furthermore, almost all human scientific medicines and products are often time first tested on dogs in the developmental stages in the laboratory. 

Also, veterinarians routinely use human medications both labeled and dosed for animals or off-label on their canine patients as well as on cats. 


The connection of Tesla Waves on Pets

Although there is no scientific evidence on the exact effects that Tesla BioHealing Pet device has on pets, mostly considering the fact that they are unable to express themselves verbally. 

We can closely make a comparison by looking closely at how Tesla Waves affect life because all organisms (yes, including animals) on the planet are powered by the energy that it produces.  

The body interacts daily with Tesla Waves through its ability to work with and strengthen the chemical bonds of the living body within the DNA. It ensures that the blood is thoroughly cleaned daily as well as ensuring that the cellular elements are working as they should. 


Healing properties of Tesla Waves on pets

Following on from the above, Tesla BioHealing device for Pets can be speculated to have the same benefits on pets as much as it does on the molecule, sub-cellular, cellular, organ, and whole-body levels of the human body. 

These benefits can be summarized as;

  • Increase in relaxation and dilation of the peripheral blood vessels which reduces inflammation and promotes quick healing 
  • It helps to increase the energy levels of all the cells in the body especially for those undergoing cancer treatments. 
  • Increases mobility and overall energy
  • Naturally brightens your pet's coats
  • Helps in the elimination of waste from all the cells of the body
  • Facilitates in the body absorbing essential nutrients 

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