How Life Force Energy Can Facilitate a Natural Detox

How Life Force Energy Can Facilitate a Natural Detox

Detoxification is a fundamental process of all living cells. When the cellular structures of the body are functioning optimally, they carry out detoxification processes necessary for expelling harmful substances from the body that could compromise cellular functioning, as well as expelling the end products of cellular respiration. Without the ability to detox properly the body can develop disorder and disease as the toxic load becomes more than the cells can expel efficiently.

Natural detoxification is one of many functions that cells will continually undergo when they are operating as intended. The Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices is a completely natural, non-invasive nourishment to the cells, allowing cellular structures to recharge and activate their own self-repair processes. As the cells begin to self-heal, more efficient detoxification processes can take place. Most people do not notice that they are going through a detox, and simply start to feel better. However, a small percentage of people do experience a detoxification process consciously, although usually very mild and short lived

Detoxifying the body is a natural and fundamental aspect of healing and is a known benefit of the cells having more Life Force Energy available to utilize. At this point, over 5000 people have benefited from the Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing products, and very few have reported going through a detox consciously. However, we would like to explain more about what may occur during a detox, and what can be done to help the healing process be facilitated more smoothly if any discomfort is experienced.

Typical Timeline and Examples of a Detox Experience:

  • Week 1 (Recharge Phase) – Person notes improvements in wellbeing, more energy, better sleep, less pain, etc.
  • Week 2 (Detox) – Person notes depletion in energy, mild flu like symptoms, or possibly a slight reappearance of old symptoms. Person may believe the device has stopped working, but in fact the Life Force Energy is helping to expel harmful substances which in rare instances is experienced consciously as a detox or flushing out of old symptoms.
  • Week 3 (Recharge Phase Continues) – Person’s system is cleansed of toxins from the preliminary detox and increased levels of energy, significant pain relief, and overall health improvements begin to become more and more remarkable. When the cells gain further energy, a deeper level of detoxification may occur to further purify the body. If this occurs, the body’s cells will become even more optimized following the detox.

How to Make a Detox More Comfortable

If you believe that you are experiencing a detoxification from your cells working more efficiently use of Life Force Energy, and that your symptoms are not caused by other factors such as being over worked, or illness, we recommend placing the device(s) you are using further from you for a few nights in order to integrate into the energy field more slowly, and also that you drink plenty of water to assist in the detoxification process.

The cells of your body will uptake Life Force Energy as quickly as possible to help initiate a healing process in the most expeditious manner for you. Although most people only feel better and better while using Tesla BioHealing products, if you do experience a detox consciously, you are welcome to integrate into the energy field more slowly so as to adjust to this new level of wellbeing at a more progressive comfortable pace.

Life Force Energy is safe, natural, healing energy that has many known benefits, including allowing the body to rid itself of harmful toxins. Should you experience any symptoms that are concerning we always recommend seeking medical attention so as to discover what underlying condition may be causing discomfort.

To learn more about the detox process and other benefits of Life Force Energy please visit our FAQ page. You can also learn more about how Tesla BioHealing technology here.