Improve Your Pet's Wellbeing Using Natural Life Force Energy!


"My dog Jake is a 14 year old Australian Shepherd. About a month ago he started having trouble walking. He has arthritis and other health issues. I bought the pet biohealer and within a few days he was walking normally and jumping around the house acting like a puppy. I also noticed that he can see and hear a little better now. I'm truly amazed and so very grateful for this product."
- Jennifer Breslow, 5-Star Customer Review, 01/12/2022

Tesla BioHealing offers a product line specifically designed for pets. Our Tesla BioHealer for Pets generates a field of Life Force Energy around the device, providing cellular support to your beloved companions. Pets are often naturally drawn to our devices, and their cells can safely absorb this naturally occurring, healing vital force of nature, which has been proven to be beneficial for optimal functioning of all living cells, including animals.

All the wonderful benefits of Life Force Energy that have been noted for humans have also been noted for animals, including promoting natural healing and cellular self-repair, increasing energy, promoting better blood circulation, increasing nutritional uptake, naturally detoxifying the blood, reducing inflammation and pain, strengthening the immune system, inducing calmness, improving quality of sleep, increasing mobility, and more.

Life Force Energy has been proven to empower DNA, RNA, and cellular membranes to promote optimal cellular activities and functions. Life Force Energy is also known to increase cellular ATP levels. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things. Simply by keeping our devices near your pets, they can uptake this healing Life Force Energy completely naturally, so that each cell in their body can be recharged and repaired in order regain vitality and enhance their wellbeing.

People who use Tesla BioHealing technology for their pets have reported notable benefits, including pain relief, improved mobility, increased energy, better sleep, and even shinier coats!

Tesla BioHealer for Pets  is a non-invasive, natural, and very effective health solution unlike any other. See what’s possible and hear from others how their pet's health has been improved: Pet Health