Integrate Tesla BioHealing into Your Wellness Practice

Life Force Energy is the driving principle behind optimal vitality and wellbeing. It is the natural life-giving energy that we are born with, and that every cell needs to thrive. Life Force Energy has many known health benefits including but not limited to: Increasing ATP and millivolt levels in the cells, increasing circulation, decreasing pain, harmonizing the hemispheres of the brain, acting as a natural anti-depressant, increasing immunity by as much as 149%, increasing cellular repair rates, and even ceasing cellular destruction rates. All of these health benefits and more are available simply by using Tesla BioHealing’s Life Force Energy OTC medical devices. 

Practitioners of eastern and western medicine alike are experiencing remarkable improvements in their patients as a result of integrating Tesla BioHealing technology into their wellness practice. Many physicians are very happy to find us because they care for so many chronic cases. Even their patients with very difficult conditions such as Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, stroke paralysis, Alzheimer’s disease, and more have been able to significantly improve their lives by using Tesla BioHealing technology.  Alternative therapists tell us that our technology enhances their practice and not only provides breakthroughs for their patients, but also supports the practitioners themselves while conducting their healing process as well.

Here are just a few examples how Tesla BioHealing technology is being used by wellness practitioners across the country:

  • Medical, Osteopathic, and Naturopathic Physicians
    • Recommending Tesla BioHealers and MedBed Generators to patients for at-home use depending on their condition, especially post-surgery for accelerated healing and less scaring. Tesla BioHealing is a powerful co-therapy for a physician’s recommended treatment course.
  • Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physical Therapists
    • Using MedBed Generators under a treatment table to quickly decrease muscle tension and inflammation to assist in the delivery of adjustments and retraining the body. Tesla BioHealing technology has also been found to be very beneficial for post-adjustment integration, as well as at-home use for optimal cellular support. 
  • Reiki Practitioners, Acupuncturists, and Energy Workers
    • While using MedBed Generators under a treatment table, practitioners have reported remarkable enhancements in their energy work, new ease of opening energy channels, and even a profound energetic support to their own system while conducting their healing work. Many people say our technology helps them meditate effortlessly and that Life Force Energy assists in reaching new levels of consciousness.
  • Health Spas, Mental Health Centers, and Sleep Centers
    • Infrared saunas, biofeedback machines, hyperbaric chambers, aqua therapy, and many other technologies typically found in health spas have been noted to be greatly enhanced in efficacy simply by placing MedBed Generators near the equipment. Significant mental health and sleep improvements have been noted even after only one night of sleeping on a bed empowered by Tesla MedBed Generators.

Tesla BioHealing technology is a powerful health solution with the ability to enhance your current practice! Natural, non-invasive, and easy to use, our medical devices generate a field of pure Life Force Energy proven to be safe and effective even for the most difficult of conditions. If you want to take your healing practice to the next level, contact us!