Keys Things To Know While Using Tesla BioHealing Technology

We are happy that you found Tesla BioHealing technology! We want you to have the best experience possible with these products, so here are a few key things to keep in mind as you utilize your device(s). 

  1. Place the device(s) as close to the affected area as possible for at least 8 hours a day. The more time you can spend with the technology, the better.

  2. As experienced and reported by many users, very positive and dramatic improvements can take place in short periods of time. Especially for brain-based conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and stroke paralysis, remarkable life quality improvements have been known to take place very quickly. This has included ceasing of tremors, drastic pain reduction, increased mobility, improved mental clarity, and more. Early noted health benefits are part of the Recharge Phase of recovery.

  3. After the Recharge Phase, the Targeted Cellular Repair Phase can begin to take place. In this phase of recovery, you may not note as many drastic changes as when first starting to use your device(s), because now your body has had the opportunity to reach a new level of wellbeing. You can compare this to drinking water when you are dehydrated versus drinking water when you are already more well-nourished. The water is still essential, but depending on your baseline, you would note more of a difference if you were severely lacking water to start with, versus already being well hydrated when the water was introduced to your system. 

  4. It is important to continue to utilize the technology even after you start feeling better so that continuous improvement can occur, and the Maintenance Phase can take place. Remember the great progress you have made as feeling better becomes the norm, and understand that your body’s own innate intelligence is in charge. Your cells know how to prioritize self-repair processes and will always use the Life Force Energy systematically to offer support to where the body needs it most.

To learn more about what to expect while utilizing Tesla BioHealing technology, please review this article: Typical Phases of Recovery While Using Tesla BioHealing Technology

If you have been using Tesla BioHealing products and want to experience further enhanced improvements, please consider doing the following:

  • Place your device(s) closer to the affected area for more time throughout the day,

  • Increase the number of units you have available, and/or upgrade to MedBed Generators to increase the amount of Life Force Energy that your body has to work with. The more Life Force Energy available, the more cellular repair can take place throughout your system, in shorter periods of time.

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Enjoy the Life Force Energy!