How to Experience Even Greater Improvements With Life Force Energy

Over 30,000 people have used our Tesla BioHealing products and reported great improvements in their overall well-being. However, less than 5% have not experienced any noticeable benefits from the Life Force Energy. There could be several reasons why someone may not feel as much benefit, such as:

  1. They are already healthy: People who are already healthy may not notice a significant improvement as their body is already functioning well. However, they may still experience benefits such as increased energy, better sleep, and mood enhancement.

  2. Insufficient Life Force Energy: The severity of a condition and the number of health issues one has can affect how much Life Force Energy is required to address their situation. We recommend using Tesla BioHealers for mild to moderate conditions and Tesla MedBed Generators for severe situations. Consistent use of the devices over time is necessary to experience the full benefits of the technology.

  3. Structural or bone-on-bone issues: If someone has a structural issue or bone-on-bone issue requiring surgery, it's important to seek medical advice. While Life Force Energy may provide pain relief, it may not be able to address the underlying structural issues. Surgery is often required to address such issues, and Life Force Energy can help facilitate a speedy recovery post-surgery.

    Your health is your most valuable asset. Please carefully and systemically evaluate the possible cause of your health condition and discuss your situation with a trusted health care provider. Then you may decide if you should use Life Force Energy provided by Tesla BioHealers, or Tesla MedBed Generators, to help you to build a healthier body.   

    For more information about which device(s) may be best for you and best practices for using our technology, please review the following resources: 

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