How to Experience Even Greater Improvements With Life Force Energy

Over 20,000 people to date have utilized our technology successfully and greatly improved their life quality. Less than 5% of those who have used Tesla BioHealing products have reported to us that they were not able to feel the benefit of the Life Force Energy. Why may someone not be experiencing as much benefit as they could be? One or more of the following factors may be contributing to the lack of benefit… 

  1. The first reason someone may not note much of an improvement is because they are already healthy. Much like drinking water when you are not thirsty, you may not feel an obvious improvement even though the water is still a nourishment to your body. Although our technology is a wonderful asset to those who are healthy and want to offer their bodies additional cellular support, healthy people are less likely to feel a big improvement since they are already doing so well. However, even the healthiest of people often note increased energy, better sleep, and an overall mood enhancement among other benefits of Life Force Energy 

  2. The second reason someone may not experience the huge improvement they were hoping for in a short period of time is because they did not apply enough Life Force Energy to address their condition. The more severe a condition, and the more health conditions someone has, the more Life Force Energy will be required to properly address their situation. We recommend Tesla BioHealers for mild to moderate conditions and Tesla MedBed Generators for severe situations. Those who have enough Life Force Energy supporting their system, usually report life changing results within the first two months of use. Your body requires adequate amounts of Life Force Energy and an adequate amount of time consistently using the devices to fully reap the benefits of this breakthrough technology.   

  3. Another reason someone may not have as much improvement is because they have a structural or bone-on-bone issue requiring surgery. We always recommend people seek the advice of their physician, especially if surgery or another intervention is indicated. Life Force Energy has been known to offer great amounts of pain relief, even in these situations, however, if the pain is caused by a structural issue such as spinal stenosis, or a bone-on-bone issue such as degenerative disc disease, the benefits of the Life Force Energy may be limited if the disease has progressed in such a way that the source of pain is causing constant damage that only a physical or surgical adjustment could address. Life Force Energy has been known to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, activate cellular repair, and even assist in ceasing cellular destruction. In the case of bone-on-bone issues, if the body still has cellular tissue between the bones to work with, a great deal more of pain relief can occur and with time even cellular regeneration could take place. If there is no more tissue between the bones, then Life Force Energy could still provide pain relief but would not be able to provide the cushion of tissue between the bones that would be needed to address to constant source of pain. In a similar manner, Life Force Energy can provide pain relief to those with structural issues such as spinal stenosis, and even help to relieve pressure caused by compression of the spinal cord via an increase in circulation and decrease in inflammation but may not be able to adequately address the narrowing of the spine that is causing the compression. Surgery is typically indicated to create additional space for the spinal nerves, and certainly once someone has undergone surgery, Life Force Energy can help to facilitate a speedy and harmonious recovery.  

Your health is your most valuable asset. Please carefully and systemically evaluate the possible cause of your health condition and discuss your situation with a trusted health care provider. Then you may decide if you should use Life Force Energy provided by Tesla BioHealers, or Tesla MedBed Generators, to help you to build a healthier body.   

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