Life Force Energy For Fertility Enhancement & Sexual Wellbeing

If you are trying to conceive and have been struggling for a while, Tesla BioHealing products may help improve your chances of getting pregnant. Life Force Energy generated by our medical devices supports the process of pregnancy every step of the way.

Infertility can be caused by many factors, including physical, environmental, or emotional issues. Life Force Energy supports the cells at the essential level of what the body needs to function optimally. By providing the proper amount of energetic support to the cells, many physical and other causes of infertility can be well addressed.

Life Force Energy can be absorbed by all the cells in the body, enhancing their ability to activate self-repair mechanisms naturally and non-invasively. Tesla BioHealing products create an optimized environment of Life Force Energy. All you need to do is be near the devices, allowing your body to be nourished at the cellular level.

Life Force Energy has been known to help normalize and harmonize various bodily functions, including regulating menstrual cycles while providing pain relief. Having a regular cycle helps couples know when a woman is most fertile, and the pain relief is a plus too! Life Force Energy has also been known to boost libido and overall sexual performance, which can increase the chances of getting pregnant. Additionally, as the body becomes properly supported energetically, sperm and egg cell production can be optimized. Once an egg has been fertilized, Life Force Energy offers the cells continuous support throughout the process, which can improve the chances of successful implantation and healthy baby development.

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If you do decide to use Tesla BioHealing technology to help increase your chances of conceiving, we wish you the best of luck! Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant, the work of the technology is done, and it is recommended that you remove the product from the vicinity during the development of the child. This recommendation is simply due to the fact that we have yet to conduct safety and efficacy studies on young children and pregnant women, although the technology has been proven to be safe and effective for all patient populations that we have conducted studies with so far.

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