Natural, Non-Invasive Pain Relief with Tesla BioHealing

Tesla BioHealing products provide a new, natural, non-invasive, and powerful pain relief solution. Our BioHealers and MedBed Generators are FDA registered OTC medical devices specifically indicated for increasing circulation and reducing pain. We have seen significant pain relief take place in people with a wide variety of health conditions simply by keeping our devices nearby.

How do Tesla BioHealing medical devices provide pain relief?
The answer…Life Force Energy!

Pure Life Force Energy is generated by Tesla BioHealers and Tesla MedBed Generators. Tesla MedBed Generators are 100x more powerful than our BioHealers offering more Life Force Energy to the user, which in turn helps to facilitate even faster and more profound improvements.

Life Force Energy has many known health benefits including but not limited to:

  • Reducing pain
  • Increasing circulation
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Assisting with DNA synthesis, and the natural production of stem cells
  • Increasing cellular repair rates, and even assisting in decreasing cellular destruction rates.

Essentially, Life Force Energy helps the cells recharge allowing for optimal functioning and the activation the body’s own self repair mechanisms.

The regenerative benefits of Life Force Energy have been known to be especially helpful for anyone with degenerative conditions as well as those recovering from an injury, surgery, and even those undergoing medical treatments that may cause painful side-effects. 

Life Force Energy has also been known to help normalize brain cell activity which can contribute greatly to pain relief. The body has pain receptors throughout the body, but the brain is responsible for interpreting pain. As the brain cells have the ability to absorbed increased levels of Life Force Energy, harmonization of the brain hemispheres can be facilitated, and cellular repair can take place. When the brain can begin to return back to homeostasis, the rest of the body can follow, allowing for a calming down of the pain signals being interpreted by the brain and being sent to the body.   

Therefore, not only is an actual cellular repair process able to take place throughout the body, but by naturally providing the cells with additional levels of Life Force Energy, both the physical causes and mental interpretation of pain can be addressed to provide significant pain relief on multiple levels of wellbeing. Many people with chronic pain have experienced breakthrough pain relief by offering more Life Force Energy to their brain and body. 

As the body finally has the cellular support that it needs to begin activating self-repair processes, a remarkable amount of pain relief can take place often in a very short period of time. The healthier the cells are, the healthier the body can become.

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