Safety of Tesla BioHealing Technology

Safety of Tesla BioHealing Technology

Tesla BioHealing, Inc. manufactures FDA Registered Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medical Devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. Tesla BioHealing products have undergone extensive safety and efficacy studies, with over 5000 users to date reporting remarkable improvements in their health. Before making this technology available to the public, Tesla BioHealing conducted safety and efficacy studies for over 3 years in order to earn registration status with the FDA and provide a natural, yet very effective health solution to those in need.

Tesla BioHealing products have a completely safe track record with no negative side effects noted. The reason for this is that Life Force Energy is a completely natural substance that all cellular structures are already interacting with on a regular basis. Life Force Energy is in our bodies and in the environment already, just like oxygen is. Similarly, just as oxygen needs to be concentrated to be utilized therapeutically, Life Force Energy does as well. Tesla BioHealing Medical Devices create a Life Force Energy rich environment so that our cells can utilize this vital force of nature completely naturally, at will, and as needed.

The cells of the body have an innate organizing intelligence which is why when properly supported they are able to carry out continuous repair and revitalization processes throughout the body. With more Life Force Energy available, the cells will uptake it naturally in order to recharge and repair themselves so that proper functioning can occur. Due to this innate organizing intelligence, the cells will only utilize the Life Force Energy that is needed and use as much as is needed to address the various health concerns occurring in the body in order of priority.

Due to the fact that the cells will only utilize what they need and will apply this additional Life Force Energy to where the body needs healing the most, it is a best practice to provide the body with a large amount of Life Force Energy. This ensures that the cells will have enough energetic support available to fully carry out the various repair activities that need to take place throughout the system. The more layers of health issues someone is facing, the more Life Force Energy will be required to address them properly.

Is Life Force Energy Safe for All Medical Conditions?

Yes. Life Force Energy is a completely naturally occurring substance that everyone’s cellular structures are already utilizing every day for wellbeing. Tesla BioHealing Medical Devices are generating a very concentrated field of Life Force Energy in order to offer the cells an environment where they can utilize this natural vital force of nature in much higher quantities for therapeutic purposes.

In fact, Tesla BioHealing is safer than many other medical devices on the market since it is a completely non-invasive and natural solution with no electricity or magnets involved in the generation of the Life Force Energy field itself. This ensures safety for people with pacemakers, or any other kind of medical-device implant, or those using other medical technologies such as a CPAP machine or other devices for long term care. In fact, Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices have been reported by many users to be a very effective adjunct therapy for a multitude of medical treatments that people are already undergoing.

At this point in time the only patient population Tesla BioHealing technology is not indicated for is pregnant women, and children under the age of 6. This is due to the fact that we have yet to conduct safety and efficacy studies with this population group. On a similar note, we do not recommend the products for people who are in an urgent life-threatening situation, or those who have been given less than 3 months to live. Our medical devices were intended to address chronic conditions, and although they could still potentially be of value to those in acute or severe situations, we do not recommend using them as urgent life saving devices, as they were originally intended to be used as progressive life enhancing medical devices.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Tesla BioHealing Products?

Unlike many chemical drugs, Tesla BioHealing medical devices do not cause any negative side effects. After over 5000 people utilizing the technology safely and effectively the only sensations noted as being uncomfortable were either the result of a natural detoxification taking place or the hyper-sensitivity of the user towards Life Force Energy. Experiencing any discomfort while utilizing Tesla BioHealing products is very rare, in fact most people note the energy field to be very soothing. However, in the rare instance that someone should experience an uncomfortable detox or sensitivity to the energy field in general, the solution would be to simply place the device further from the user for a few days so that their system absorbs the energy gradually, allowing their body to acclimate to the new level of Life Force Energy available more slowly. People who are naturally more sensitive to energy such as energy healing practitioners, or those who have a history of being hyper-sensitive to medications are more likely to be hyper-sensitive to Life Force Energy as well.

If the Life Force Energy is being absorbed by the cells, it is because the cells have need of it. However, if someone is more comfortable experiencing this uptake of Life Force Energy more slowly, they are encouraged to keep the devices further from them for few days and seek medical attention if they have any concerns. The Life Force Energy is completely safe and as the cells absorb this natural vital force of nature, they are able to recharge themselves and activate their own self-repair mechanisms.

As the cells become healthier by utilizing Life Force Energy, they can begin to function optimally and carry out their normal functions, one of which is detoxifying the body. It is rare to experience detoxifying effects consciously, and if any detox sensations are experienced, they are usually very mild and pass after a few days. Most people who utilize Tesla BioHealing technology integrate into the energy field very well, without the need of an adjustment period and notice that they start to feel better very quickly.

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