Tesla BioHealing Technology Versus Other Forms of Therapy

The Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices offers a completely safe, natural, non-invasive, and powerful health solution. Life Force Energy is a natural healing substance that is already in our bodies, as well as in the atmosphere, and our cells are utilizing Life Force Energy every day to carry out their functions. However, there is not a high enough concentration of Life Force Energy in the environment to offer the profound therapeutic effects people are searching for, which is why we created our FDA Registered Over-The-Counter Medical Devices that generate a highly concentrated field of pure Life Force Energy.

We always encourage you to follow your doctor’s recommendation and also applaud others in the field of energy-based therapy with the work they are doing. This article is simply intended to address some of the questions we commonly hear regarding how our technology differs both from traditional medical practices and from other energy-based solutions on the market. Enjoy!

How does Life Force Energy differ from traditional medicine?

  1. Tesla BioHealing products are non-invasive, all you need to do is place them near you to make sure you are within the Life Force Energy field generated from the devices. The cells of your body will be able to uptake this healing force completely naturally, at will, and utilize the energy as needed.
  2. Tesla BioHealing technology is a holistic approach to healing, addressing the entire body versus focusing on a single problem at a time. For people who have developed health conditions affecting multiple organs, it can become very difficult for pharmaceuticals to address properly without needing multiple prescriptions. This is due to the fact that prescription drugs are typically designed to only target a specific condition, thus the tendency for physicians to prescribe more than one drug if someone has multiple health concerns. Many pharmaceutical drugs have severe side effects, and the more prescriptions someone takes the higher the risk of complications from the drugs themselves.
    Tesla BioHealing Medical Devices offer a single, easy to use, and safe solution even if someone has multitude of health conditions. Providing the body with increased levels of Life Force Energy effectively builds the foundation of health. The pure Life Force Energy generated from our devices leaves the body’s innate intelligence in charge to utilize this energy in order to activate its own cellular repair processes. As the cells in the injured, diseased or aged area become healthier the rest of the body can follow which is why we see so many remarkable improvements taking place even in people with a variety of conditions who had tried everything else with no relief.
  3. Providing the body with Life Force Energy via Tesla BioHealing devices does not require any change to your lifestyle. There is no need to remember to take a dosage, go to a doctor’s appointment, or change anything about your current healthcare routine. Simply keep the devices near you to ensure that you are within the Life Force Energy field, and the cells of your body will use this healing vital force of nature to take care of you. Tesla BioHealing devices can be utilized with any form of care you are currently undergoing, and we recommend always that you consult your physician and follow their advice regarding your health whenever needed.

How do Tesla BioHealing products stand out from other energy-based therapies?

  1. We have undergone extensive safety and efficacy studies earning registration status with the FDA as a Class II Over the Counter Medical Device. This is an essential step for the field of energy medicine, but we won’t stop there. We are currently in the process of getting the FDA approval so that physicians will be able to prescribe Tesla BioHealing devices the future. This is truly a new wave of healing, integrating energy medicine into the existing medical care system.
  2. Everything we are doing at Tesla BioHealing is data driven as our technology was invented by James Z. Liu, M.D. Ph.D. and his collaborator. Most of the energy-based therapies on the market today do not go through extensive safety or efficacy studies, if any, and they tend to have more of a spiritual approach than a scientific one. The few that are more scientifically oriented are typically invented by physicists, not medical doctors, so data driven medical research to ensure safety and efficacy for addressing medical conditions is typically not conducted. In contrast, Tesla BioHealing prioritizes safety and data driven practices to deliver the best possible safety and efficacy for those in need.
  3. Tesla BioHealing technology generates a field of pure Life Force Energy which does not need to be forced through the body via any type of frequency programming or vibratory mechanism. The cellular structures of the body already know how to interact with Life Force Energy, and when they have enough Life Force Energy available, they are able to uptake it naturally and activate their own self-repair mechanisms in order to begin functioning optimally and healing the body as they are intended to do. We rely on the body’s innate intelligence to conduct the healing and prioritize the energy how your cells see fit, versus sending specific frequencies through the body at specific times.
    Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices create an environment of highly concentrated Life Force Energy that the cells of the body can use at will. Allowing the body’s innate intelligence to be in charge of the healing process facilitates much deeper and faster therapeutic results, even in unexpected ways since there is always more going on within the intricacy of our cellular systems than current medical science can comprehend. Furthermore, because there is no magnets or electricity involved in the generation of this Life Force Energy field our medical devices are perfectly safe for anyone with a pacemaker or any kind of medical implant, and even enhances the benefits of those undergoing other forms of energy therapies or traditional medicine treatment courses.
  4. Many experts in the field of energy medicine tell us that our technology is the strongest device they know of in its capability of generating very high quantities  of Life Force Energy. 

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