Tesla MedBed - Before and After Thermograph Evaluation

Location: East Dubuque, Illinois
Date of Stay: 12/30/2021 to 12/31/2021
Exposure Duration: 15 Consecutive Hours

Preface: Thermograph imagery—AKA (digital, infrared) is a prove technology used to identify both, heat and cool signature anomalies on the surface of the skin. Within the body, these anomalies can be caused by inflammation or reduced circulation.

Warm colors such as Reds and Yellows identify areas of increased blood flowwhile cooler colors such as Green and Blue identify reduced blood flow.



The post thermography images show varying degrees of reduced and more balanced skin temperatures; possibly indicating more balanced blood flow and reduced inflammation.   

The male subject noticed “improved breathing with less sinus inflammation after one hour, uninterrupted sleep for ten consecutive hours, and an enhanced feeling of well-being.” The female subject noticed “a significant sleepiness within 30 minutes followed by six hours of deep sleep, then interrupted sleep for four hours caused by a feeling of internal heat in both feet, and reduced neck pain.


Forty-eight hours following their Tesla MedBed stay, both male and female subjects claim improved sleep, reduced aches and stress and an overall improved feeling of well-being.

Fast Acting Anti-Inflammatory Effect - 30 Min. Use of Product

A separate study of how the Tesla MedBed (after 30 minutes of using it) can decrease inflammation is shown below.

Through the Thermograph Evaluations, it is shown that the Tesla MedBed helps with:

  • reduced inflammation
  • increase blood flow
  • improved breathing with less sinus inflammation after one hour
  • pain relief

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