Tesla MedBed for Breakthrough Health Benefits

Tesla BioHealing has created breakthrough FDA Registered OTC Medical Devices that are easy to use and highly effective. These powerful medical devices, known as MedBed Generators, create a highly concentrated field of pure Life Force Energy. Simply place our Tesla MedBed Generators underneath your bedframe while you sleep, and you now have a Tesla MedBed!

These medical devices were specifically designed with a Life Force Energy output powerful enough to address the most serious conditions in the shortest amount of time. The results that have taken place in people’s lives are astounding. Without any change to their lifestyle, and simply by placing the MedBed Generators underneath their bedframe, we have seen people with stroke paralysis regain movement in their previously paralyzed limbs, debilitated Parkinson’s patients able to walk independently again, Dementia patients regain cognitive function, people with years of crippling pain finally find relief and ease of mobility, and even people with terminal cancer improved their life quality.  

These life changing results are possible because Life Force Energy is at the center of cellular health. The more Life Force Energy cellular structures have to work with, the more they can activate their own self-repair mechanisms and heal the body on deeper and deeper levels. The body is an intricately intelligent system with trillions of cells programed to repair the body as needed in any given moment. These cells simply need to be empowered enough to carry out their healing functions optimally. Providing the cells with Life Force Energy can be the breakthrough that people need in order to heal beyond what their body has been able to do on its own.

One of the most profound healing acts that the body conducts is sleep. While you sleep, the brain is allowed to flush out toxins and essentially reboot the body, allowing repair processes to take place. Being nourished by Life Force Energy while you sleep allows the cells to be supported on ever deeper levels of wellbeing, accessing an already powerfully active cellular rejuvenation process of the body, and taking it to a whole new level of healing potential that people often categorize as miraculous. Just by sleeping with MedBed Generators underneath your bedframe, you will be offering your cells an immense amount of very powerful, naturally healing, Life Force Energy.

Tesla MedBed Testimonials

Traumatic brain injury TBI

“My son was in a very serious motorcycle accident at 25 years old in 2015. It was a bad injury and between hospital and rehab he spent 6 years of his life attempting to recover. The recovery from such an injury is a minimum of 10 years they told me. He still had a very long ways to go. He also ruptured something in his eye that didn’t allow him to have peripheral vision. He has only been on the Tesla System for approximately one month. His peripheral vision is back completely, and his memory recall is noticeably better every day. I’ve tried everything and by far this has been the most I have seen him recover from his injury. And in only 1 month. I was becoming worried that his injuries would be permanent. There are virtually no therapies for this injury, they constantly tell you only time will tell. This certainly would be something I would recommend for a Traumatic brain injury. Thanks a ton, you guys. Deepest appreciation, Adam’s father Jim” – James O’Brien

Chronic pain and variety of issues

“My mom has been suffering from a variety of crippling health issues for years. I have tried everything under the sun to help her. A lot of the therapies she tried only seemed to have minimal improvement at best and induce further exhaustion and pain at worst. However, when I found Tesla BioHealing, I knew something would be different. I had studied Nikola Tesla for a long time before finding something on the market that I felt like would be worth the investment and more importantly worth her trying yet another form of therapy. I knew that the ease of use would be huge for her. Placing the MedBed Generators under her bed is so simple and such a brilliant way of delivering the Life Force. She didn't have to change anything about her lifestyle and that was very important to me since she has already been through so much, and I couldn't believe the results! In the first few nights she was able to sleep for the first time in years. She started to look younger and younger every day, she had way less pain, much more energy and even started to work in her garden until 8pm which isn't something I ever remember seeing her do. She is finally getting to do the things she loves with more energy throughout the day and doesn't need much of her pain medication at all. She is happier, healthier, and I couldn't be more grateful for these Generators. Thank you.” -Kris


“We started my Dad on the MedBed April 27th.
He said he felt a wave of warmth emanating from the generators.
He used to be cold all the time now he is warm when near them.
By the second day, most of his pain was gone and he couldn't believe it!
He has even been able to skip taking his pain meds every now and then. In addition, he has felt strength adding to his body a little bit every day. He was death walking before we got the MedBed, but now he is pain free and dealing with some leg discomfort we think is muscle-related but overall, he is improving each day.
we did complementary treatment with some ePEMF, Essiac tonic, but we know without a doubt that the MedBed has made the biggest difference!” – Ronald K.


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