Tesla MedBed Generators Vs Other Medical Bed Technologies

Tesla BioHealing offers medical devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. Our most powerful health solution is the Tesla MedBed which is created by placing our MedBed Generators underneath your existing bedframe. The Tesla MedBed Generators offer an optimal healing environment that nourish the body at the cellular level and have been providing breakthroughs for many people with a variety of chronic unmet needs. You can learn about the remarkable experiences people are having with Tesla BioHealing technology here: User Feedback by Condition – Tesla BioHealing 

Although there may be other medical bed technologies coming in the future, our technology is available now, backed by safety and efficacy studies, and registered with the FDA as an OTC Medical Device. Over 30,000 people have improved their life quality by using Tesla BioHealing technology, and we look forward to helping many more to come.  

Tesla MedBed Generators & How They Differ From Other Medical Bed Technologies You May Know Of: 

  1. Available now. No need to wait. No need for a prescription. No need to travel. Tesla MedBed Generators can be delivered directly to your door. We also have new Tesla MedBed Centers  available for those who do want a powerful, in-person Life Force Energy experience.  

  2. Backed by over 3 years of safety and efficacy studies. Over 30,000 people to date are using our technology, and no side effects have been noted. Remarkable health benefits take place daily.   

  3. Easy to use. Simply place the Tesla MedBed Generators under your current bedframe to turn your bed into a Tesla MedBed. Life Force Energy is consistently being generated by our devices.   

  4. Tesla MedBed Generators can be used without the need of a physician or technician to operate the equipment. There is nothing you need change about your lifestyle to use our technology. Simply place the Generators underneath your bedframe and enjoy sleeping in a Tesla MedBed.  

  5. Tesla MedBed Generators are not dependent on intention, or any other form of mental focus. In fact, many people who were skeptical about the technology have received life changing benefit from using our medical devices. 

  6. Tesla BioHealing offers pure Life Force Energy technology. No programable frequencies or vibratory mechanisms are involved. Tesla MedBed Generators create an optimal environment of Life Force Energy that the cells of your body can use at will and as needed. This honors the cells’ extraordinary organizing intelligence, allowing your body’s innate healing capacities to be in charge of the entire process. 

  7. This Life Force Energy is generated without the need of electricity or magnets, making our technology safe to use even for those with medical implants or those using other forms of medical equipment for their wellbeing. 

  8. The Life Force Energy generated by our medical devices has been known to enhance the effectiveness of many other forms of therapy. You can continue to do what you feel is best for your body and have a Tesla MedBed too! 

  9. Tesla BioHealing technology was created by a medical doctor, James Z. Liu, MD, Ph.D. Our company is completely data-driven and devoted to safety and efficacy.

  10. Tesla MedBed technology has been noted by many experts in the field of energy medicine as the most powerful medical bed technology available today. The results we see from people using these devices is profound. To learn more about what people are experiencing with the MedBed Generators, click here: Tesla MedBed Generators – Tesla BioHealing

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