The Benefits Of TeslaBioHealing™ Bed On The Human Body

The Benefits Of TeslaBioHealing™ Bed On The Human Body

What is Teslo BioHealing MedBed all about?

The Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed was developed primarily to promote the health and wellbeing of its patients. This unique type of medical device product makes use of Tesla Waves and leverages that energy with a deep understanding of biology, physics and chemistry to accelerate innovation. 

It works by fully recharging the human body’s biological batteries during each sleep cycle and at any time of the day just by simply laying inside the Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed. With over 5,000 users of Tesla BioHealing MedBed in 3 years and growing, scientific researchers have reported only positive changes during its use. 

How Tesla Energy or Tesla Waves works 

Similar to how a battery charger works on recharging the car battery, Tesla Waves are 3-dimension longitudinal waves that have a direct effect on the DNA synthesis and repair of the human body. This helps it to achieve its function of cellular regeneration, growth and repair. 

Healing benefits of Tesla Waves on humans

Ensuring the body is fully rested and energized has several effects it does on the body. With the help of Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed, the body is able to have a thorough deep sleep which researchers have proven helps to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's, improved mental health and increases productivity amongst other benefits. 

Tesla Waves have been researched for years on the effects it has on humans. Over and over again it has proven to have positive impacts by increasing its ability to produce energy for the rest of the human body thus optimizing cellular energy levels to the optimum of -70 millivolts.

It purifies and cleanses the blood which helps to strengthen immune function, mental clarity and assists with the regulation of blood pressure. 

Personal testimonial from a user of Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed

Carmen has been using the Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed for over a month now and has this to say about her experience with the medical product. 

“Before using TeslaBioHealing™ MedBed, Carmen used to have pain in her back and from the first week of using the product, she reported that the pain reduced from 9/10 to 2/10 and even almost non-existent. By the third week of using TeslaBioHealing™ Bed, the pain she used to feel in her right hip became less intense and the lump on her lower back reduced significantly”. 

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