Typical Phases of Recovery While Using Tesla BioHealing Technology

Based upon trends that we have seen in the 30,000+ people using our OTC medical devices safely and effectively, the following phases of recovery in wellbeing have been known to take place:

Phase 1: Recharge

The cells of the body may benefit from increased levels of Life Force Energy available in the environment provided by Tesla BioHealing technology. This can lead to early signs of improvement, such as better sleep, fresh energy, mental clarity, and others.

During the recharge phase, cells can uptake as much of the Life Force Energy as they need from the available amount. This initial utilization of increased levels of Life Force Energy may help activate the cells' self-healing mechanisms.

People may notice that they feel better soon after they start to use Tesla BioHealing technology, but we recommend continued use to allow the body to enter the repair phase, which comes after the recharge phase.

Phase 2: Targeted Cellular Repair

Once the system is sufficiently recharged, the cells can begin their repair phase. In the repair phase of recovery not only are the cells able to become energized for optimal functioning, but they are also able to be repaired and restructured in order to stabilize you into a new state of wellbeing.

The repair phase is targeted in various parts of the system by the body’s own innate intelligence depending upon where the most amount of healing is needed. Cellular repair in various parts of the body begins to activate once the cellular tissue has absorbed enough Life Force Energy to begin repairing and restructuring in order to allow the body to reach a new level of health, even beyond the improvements experienced in the initial recharge phase.

The repair phase may not seem as dramatic an improvement as the recharge phase, but repair is taking place nonetheless to not only support the experience of breakthrough health outcomes but also to ensure that new level of wellbeing becomes the norm for you. The actual self-repair and restructuring mechanisms of the cells take significant amounts of Life Force Energy to ensue and carry through to completion. If you would like to continue benefiting from the repair phase, you may do so by using additional Tesla BioHealing medical devices.

How long this repair phase will take varies by individual, each person is different. It greatly depends on how depleted and damaged someone’s cellular system was before using Tesla BioHealing technology, and how much Life Force Energy is available to address their health conditions adequately. We recommend continued use of the product to ensure that your cellular health reaches a state of optimal functioning and stability with this new Life Force Energy technology.

Phase 3 – Health Maintenance & Continuous Cellular Support

Once the repair phase has allowed the body to recover to a great extent and stabilize in a new state of wellbeing, the maintenance phase can begin. Since Tesla BioHealing is easy to use and does not require any change to your lifestyle, we recommend keeping the technology as an asset to your overall wellbeing even after reaching a consistent state of health. Life Force Energy can be an important factor that supports your overall health and vitality. Cellular support is essential throughout life, and Tesla BioHealing medical devices offer an easy way to provide your body with an optimal environment for continued wellness.

Once cells have been recharged and the cellular tissue repaired, increased levels of energy, and overall health improvements begin to become more and more remarkable. When the cells gain further energy, a deeper level of cellular recharge and repair may take place to further strengthen the body. If this occurs, the body’s cells will become even more optimized, thus continuously continuing the cycle of healing. The Life Force Energy available to the body's innate intelligence is used to scan your system on an ongoing basis for any cellular repair that needs to take place.

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