Possible Mechanism of Action of Tesla BioHealing Energy Empowered Bed (Tesla-Bed) in Benefiting Human Health

The Tesla-Bed was manufactured by using space biotechnology and Quantum Medical Technology. It is well known than everything is composed of basic elements. The change of the element's own energy state and the interaction between and among the elements make the existing and living space of all things. The same is true of the human body. The human body is composed of dozens of elements, among which the four elements are hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen, which account for more than 96% of the total body matter. These elements generate the right kinds and the right amount of scalar wave energy. The interaction between and among these elements and the organic composition of (1) physical state, (2) energy level, and (3) information flow, through scalar wave, determine the health level and mental state of the human body.

Tesla BioHealing team scientists and technologists use space technology and quantum medical technology to capture the high-energy balance of the main elements of the human body, that is, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. These high-energy elements themselves have functions of high freedom, self-balance and auto-return to harmony via scalar wave. According to the ratio of the internal elements of the human body in the ideal health state, the scientists and technologists at Tesla BioHealing Company mix and configure the high-energy balance bodies of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements to form the ideal biological energy frequency band, namely Tesla Bioenergy Wave Field. The bio-wave energy field is formed by the three-dimensional spinning energy wave. The 3D-spinning energy exchanges energy and information with similar elements in the human body and realizes the healthy status of human elements and cells, and enables biological macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs to reach a harmonious and balanced state.

For the human body, the energy bed made with Tesla bioenergy scalar wave energy field can be called the health key of molecular precision, activating body cells in all directions, improving immunity and self-healing power, and generating endogenous stem cells at the molecular level. Restore the human body's billions of cells in a highly orderly and functionally harmonious manner and restore the body's physical and mental health.

Tesla BioHealing uses a bio-energy field made of high-energy balances of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements to enhance the biological energy of water. The water soaked with these substances is to become living water in animals and plants. Drinking this kind of living water has great benefits to human health, such as sleeping better and gain fresh energy.

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Quality of life

I purchased your under bed unit and noticed immediately that my increasingly vivid dreams about the Holocaust and my time machine patent have been on overdrive lately and I think the cat can see my aura as well. I also have purchased the Tesla biohealer can that I keep on my persons in my jansport fanny pack and I would like to note that whilst on my excursions into the park for birdwatching I have lately noticed a increase in blood flow to my lower member which has led me to start partaking in dogging behind the public toilet. All in all this purchase...no investment has increased my quality of life exponentially “cheers” KEN

Noticeable difference in first couple days

Noticeable difference w/in 2 days of better sleep, tingling in my sinuses, leg, upper back shoulder areas for me. For Dad, he is noticeably more alert. (He has had strokes).

This is pretty amazing

I am using an adult bio-healer.
When I first used it, I felt energy inside my whole body in about 10 minutes.
I haven't been able to fall asleep for the past few months, but now I can sleep soundly.
I ordered two and paid for two for my autistic son and Crohn's son (both adults).
However, unfortunately only one arrived.
I'm currently consulting with the person in charge.
I am looking forward to receiving the remaining one.

Hi Masaya - Thanks for sharing below experience with BioHealer.! We are working with Japan UPS to resolve the other BoiHealer shipped as we shipped 2 units. we'll get back as soon as we hear back from UPS International, we'll update you. Thank you for your patience.

Tesla BioHealing

After using the Tesla BioHealing units for almost 2 months, I have seen some positive results. From the first time I held them in my hand I could feel the energy output. I believe they have helped me regain some memory, have helped to reduce pain in my back. I have been faithful to use the units every night for at least 8 hours and sometimes during the day. I believe others can benefit from using the Tesla BioHealing units also if used for at least 8 hours a day. I also believe this is going to be the new healing process for most physical problems within the body.

Worn down body

My body is worn my looks are ok I’ve helped children all my life and working as labor worker.