The Birth of Tesla BioHealing

The Birth of Tesla BioHealing

If you really want to understand everything about Tesla BioHealing MedBed, you must understand how it was born. So, let's go back to the beginning of Tesla Energy.

The first thing that you must know about Tesla or scalar energy is that it was not born. It has always existed in the universe. In fact, it is one of those natural phenomena that can actually be recreated artificially if the conditions are right.

It was discovered many decades ago. However, not many people talked about it. So, it is not one of the pop culture things that everyone has an opinion about. Even in today’s world that is full of information, the concept of Tesla Energy is quite misunderstood.

James Clark Maxwell

It was the 19th century when James Clark Maxwell discovered Scalar or Tesla Energy. Many of us know Maxwell from our high school physics classes as he is mostly known for his work in the field of electromagnetism. After Maxwell’s initial findings, Nikola Tesla stepped in.

Nikola Tesla

After about 50 years of work, Nikola Tesla invented machines that proved the existence of Scalar Energy. Tesla described this energy as standing waves. This energy can be transmitted without loss across large distances. Moreover, most other forms of energy travel through waves. However, Scalar Energy radiates in the form of dynamic circles of energy. Tesla believed that Scalar Energy is one of the primal forces of nature. The best thing about it is that it is free and renewable, unlike many things in this universe. Imagine the healing benefits this free resource can have. If people understand the true potential of Scalar Energy, they would find a world full of possibilities.

The benefits of this form of energy extend to all spheres of life. It is known to have incredible healing properties. Apart from that, this energy can replace all the sources of energy as we know them today.

Wardenclyffe Tower

Tesla had worked out the transmission of Scalar Energy. He could power a car using this energy. He worked on the Wardenclyffe Tower that would provide free Scalar Energy to the entire world. However, due to a lack of resources, his dream could not be successful.

Albert Einstein

In the 1920s, Albert Einstein also wrote papers about this phenomenon. He believed that Scalar Energy doesn’t have any frequency. Therefore, it cannot be detected by traditional frequency instruments.

Understanding Tesla Energy

The concept of Scalar Energy is not taught in schools. So, not many people have heard about its magical properties. For example, it can cancel out the harmful health effects of radiation and microwaves. Furthermore, it is known to directly affect the neurotransmitters to lower the effects of depression.

It can help the body heal and prevent many illnesses. Its positive effects extend to helping with stress and improving sleep quality. The most magical aspect of it is that it can repair and protect the DNA from damage. So, imagine how it can protect us from many disorders that arise due to damages in the DNA.

Thanks to recent research, people are beginning to realize the potential of harnessing this energy as a tool for medicine. It is already changing the world as we know it. Join us at Tesla BioHealing to step in a universe that has limitless possibilities.

Tesla BioHealing Beds harness this energy to provide you all the benefits. The molecules, cells, tissues and organs will capture these waves and transmit them in your body.

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