Tesla Energy vs Binaural Beats and Subconscious Mind Programing | Addressing Mental Health & Drug Addiction

Tesla Energy vs Binaural Beats and Subconscious Mind Programing | Addressing Mental Health & Drug Addiction

Binaural beats and subconscious mind programming are approaches to healing that are most commonly aimed at activating a Theta state in the brain (where the psychology of the patient is most susceptible to suggestion) in order to implant positive affirmations to help the patient make more empowered choices. Some technology even adds imagery for the patient to do guided meditations learning how to control their heart beats, breathing, etc. to help calm down fight/flight responses. It can become so intricate as to offer challenge levels and become highly active on the patient’s part. While a good psychological exercise that certainly has value, this seems to be more of a mind over matter technique working solely on a psychological level that inherently also addresses physiology but is of a top down approach, going through the mind to affect change physically which typically takes a lot of time and dedication on the patients part.

Tesla Energy works from the inside out to heal damage occurred during a trauma whether psychological or physical. The cellular regeneration effect of Tesla Energy allows a patient to naturally detox and experience brain coherence passively just by resting on a Tesla BioHealing MedBed. There does not need to be an active intervention of addressing the trauma. The patient’s brain chemistry, neurotransmitters, and plasticity will all be harmonized quickly simply by exposure to this energy field. Brain coherence of the two hemispheres, regenerating damaged tissue, calming of the fight/flight response, inhibiting the uptake of non-adrenaline, providing a natural detoxification, significant pain relief and more are facilitated all while the patient rests in a soothing atmosphere of harmonious life-giving energy. This is beyond subconscious mind programing, this is brain and body regeneration, back to a state of health that was meant to be before a trauma took place.

Someone who recently tried our Tesla BioHealing MedBed had this to say, “I have tried binaural beats and subconscious mind programming for various things and have found them to be relatively helpful, but results vary based on how relaxed someone can actually get and more often than not people are forced to relive some trauma in order to get there.  With Tesla MedBeds, all you need to do is lay on them to heal. The energy takes care of you. You do not have to relive anything you don’t want to remember, and the benefits are truly freeing.”

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