The Effect of Tesla Waves on Alzheimer Patients

Alzheimer's disease is one of the common mental health disorders known to humans. It can be defined as a disease that is progressive and destroys the memory, and brain of a human being that can lead to improper functioning of the brain. It extremely kills all the brain cells and cells connection that eventually destroys important memory and brain functions that can lead to loss of memory and confusion, among others. Till date, there is no exact cure for Alzheimer patients but only view symptoms management strategies and medications that can be applied to a person suffering from the disease to at least improve the symptoms and become less severe. Tesla waves can comfortably improve the symptoms of a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Hence, it is among the preferred medication for Alzheimer's.

How Tesla Wave Helps Those with Alzheimer's

These waves are emitted by hydrogen protons. According to Tesla, once the magnetic field is more, it activates hydrogen protons. The magnetic field on the earth is less powerful compared to the magnetic field that is produced by a human being made machines such as MR machine. These machines produce a magnetic field that is very powerful and strong. They are around five thousand times or even more compared to the earth's magnetic fields. They can produce even up to7 Tesla or even more depending on the strength. This is the reason why this technique is full of noninvasiveness. This is one of its advantages. This means that at this level the brain of a human being is not at all exposed to the emitted radiations. Using this method, it brings changes in the structural, morphological changes which are very common to patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It, therefore, rebuilds the brain structure. During the cognitive functions, this method is the best since it provides an imaging magnetic resonance. Therefore, Tesla Wave easily helps in reducing severe symptoms of Alzheimer's disease though it cannot cure the entire disease applying it in that perspective can comfortably heal a patient suffering from the disease.


Tesla wave can be one of the options a person suffering from Alzheimer disease can opt to use. It helps to retain your memory, critical thinking, and reasoning among others and defend yourself from contracting other diseases such as mental health disorders, panic attacks and anxiety disorder that can lead to comma if not well treated and in advance.

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Sensory Processing Disorder Cognitive Impairment with Major Accomplishment - Happy Parent

My daughter has suffered with sensory processing disorder which mostly affects her hands / fingers and feet / toes.

She will stand one legged in the shower as the water is too much hitting her left foot.

For the past two days she has ASKED for Epsom Salt foot baths! Her feet and toe nails are already healing. She is taking 2 -3 foot bathes a day.

Also - she has sensory / major gag issues with her teeth / throat. Today she learned how to floss her teeth and was so happy of her accomplishment - she giggled and laughed and wanted me to tell everyone!

Thanks so much, Andrea

Release of pressure in the eyes

I first felt the energy of Tesla Biohealing when I received a shipment of two units from a courier on the street. There was a subtle uplifting energy.
After unpacking, I applied both units to the body at the same time at the level of individual chakras, I perceived a significant increase in energy throughout the body. After applying about 15 minutes of two Tesla Biohealers at eye level, I felt the relief and release of pressure from the eye inflammation I had at the time. I would like to share my further experience with Tesla Biohealing Energy

My New Beginnings

Its been about two weeks and I keep it close on my person all the time and take my Tesla BioHealer everywhere I go; in the car, to the gym, on my walks (its is in my back pack) and take it to bed with me. My stress and worries are gone. I am so grateful, Dr. Johnny

Better Sleep and overall wellness

I have been detoxing and healing (post explant surgery) from Breast Implant Illness. I’ve had severe Joint pain, high lupus levels (SLE) under ANA tests. Thyroid issues and serious inflammatory issues that flared up in a very short time I had those toxic criminal bags placed (2years). My health took a major nose dive.

I have been utilizing these units (x4) in conjunction with my other detox protocols and have noticed a difference in my over all well-being, my sleep has improved somewhat.

It’s hard to say which is working best .. but the addition of these units has definitely showed improvement in my healing journey!

Maria P.

So Excited And Anxious!!

I could not wait to receive the Biohealer as soon as I saw it on my cp screen, I ordered it right away and it came fast, I recieved it on Febuary 4th,2021, and so far I'm keeping it and I ordered 1 for now, and I am noticing some benefits that I need to fuse in with my health regime, I strive to stay on a good health routine but its been very hard lately oh but now its gotten easier wow, I'm sleeping and dreaming better, I am even more focused as today is my 6th straight day on my special eating regime that I really needed more control of and I am finally figuring it out and so far so good!!! I can't wait to tell more in the near future as my body changes as the stubborn fat pockets roll off, so with that said I'm encouraged to eat better foods and I'm sure the biohealer is the reason because my food regime was so unorganized and I worried about that as I am 65 yrs on earth and I'm using the biohealer to aid in cell rejuvination, so wow I'm getting more excited awating more benefits that I would love to share in the near future ... In ending, I have so much Gratitude for you guys creating these Healing devices!!!