The Effects of The Tesla Waves in Addressing Alzheimer Disease

The Effects of The Tesla Waves in Addressing Alzheimer Disease

For years, the need to alleviate the difficulties caused by Alzheimer's disease has led to the undertaking of many clinical types of research by scientists. However, these researches have only invented drugs and therapies that are only useful for managing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. In other words, there is yet to be a therapy or medication that can cure Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that is common affects individuals who are in their mid-60s. a major attribute of Alzheimer's disease is a loss of memory. Being a progressive brain disorder, Alzheimer's disease gets worsens over time and would lead to the manifestation of symptoms such as the deterioration of the reasoning capacity, forgetfulness of events, and the inability to independently undertake routine tasks.

The earliest research effort aimed at curing Alzheimer

For years, researches centered on curing Alzheimer's disease have been given attention. Sadly, the drugs and therapies that have so far resulted from the researches are unable to reverse the impairment of memory caused by Alzheimer's disease. Rather, the available medications only help to manage the symptoms of the disease.

The medication developed or existing to combat the disease has been limited in their reach as they are unable to disaggregate the amyloid protein in the outer area of the neuron. Also, the medications are unable to past through neurons of the brain, into the tau oligomers inside of the neuron.

The emergence of a promising alternative

Lately, researchers are putting effort into neuromodulator alternatives. This alternative employs deep brain stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and transcranial direct current stimulation in order to stimulate the brain’s neurons.

The Transcranial Electromagnetic Treatment (TEMT) Wave and Its Efficacy

In the Alzheimer research circle, TEMT is fast gaining ground as a better alternative. The TEMT involves the use of electromagnetic waves emitting in the range of 1GHz radio frequency. These waves are able to reach the core regions of the human brain through the human cranium. Also, the waves have the ability to reverse the oligomeric in the inner neuron, while disaggregating the insoluble protein in the neuron’s outer region.

Recent findings of TEMT Wave

At the moment, only a few clinical trials have been conducted to test the full extent of the efficacy of the TEMT. However, researchers have discovered the ability wave to tend to the cognitive and behavioral distortion caused by the Alzheimer's disease, which is an indication of better times ahead for those living with the disease.

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