What is Life Force Energy and How Can It Benefit Your Health?

Life Force Energy is the essential vital force of nature acknowledged in many ancient traditions and even today in modern science.  Life Force Energy is also known in China as Chi, and in India as Prana, and in scientific communities as Scalar Energy or Tesla Energy. Life Force Energy is everywhere, in different degrees.  It is emitted from the Earth and the Sun in the form of photon light particles.  Plants convert this light energy directly into usable energy and so can the cells in our bodies.  Light is essential to life and is an essential nutrient to all living things.  This energy is stronger in certain natural environments like at the beach or in the woods or the mountains, and less so in artificial environments like in the cities or inside buildings.  Just like oxygen, Life Force Energy is everywhere in its normal concentration.  And just like oxygen, it can be concentrated to be used therapeutically.  The Tesla Med Bed Generators and Tesla BioHealers are FDA registered OTC Medical Devices that act as amplifiers to provide Life Force Energy in levels concentrated enough to promote healing, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.  This Life Force Energy is what we are made of, and what nourishes us at the energetic and cellular levels.

How can Life Force Energy help your health?
Each of our 5 trillion cells are like micro-batteries with a storehouse of energy.  When we were born all our cells were fully charged to the optimal 70 to 90 millivolts.  As we age, or when there is illness or stress, or toxins in the body, some of our cells become depleted in energy.  What do we say when a battery loses its charge? We say the battery is dead.  The same with cells.  When their energy is low the cells are weak and when they lose their charge, they die. Cancerous cells have very low energy but instead of dying, they multiply mutated cells exponentially in an effort to stay alive.  However, when you increase the energy potential of the cancer cells to the optimal 70 to 90 millivolts, they can stop multiplying!  Once cells are restored to their full energetic vitality, they go to work, doing what they do best, repairing DNA, producing ATP, the body’s energy molecule, and reproducing healthy copies of themselves. It may be said that old age, sickness, and death are caused by cells dying faster than the body can reproduce healthy vital cells.  Anti-aging then is simply when vibrant cells reproduce faster than unhealthy cells are dying. 

Energy permeates our world, our universe, and all people, down to our cells, our molecules, and all our atoms.  Our energy field is the collective sum of the energy of each of our trillions of cells.  The body and its energy field are like an orchestra playing a symphony.  If each instrument is tuned to the same scale, there is coherence, resonance, order, and harmony.  If instead, the tuning is off, the result will be dissonant and disharmonious, creating chaos, disorder, and disease.  Increasing the level of Life Force Energy in your cells can bring your body back into a state of harmony and keep you healthy throughout your life as well.


How is our energy field affected by the environment?
Our energy field has a dynamic ability to interact and adapt to any environment.  Our energy system constantly adjusts in an attempt to remain in a balanced state of harmony, or homeostasis.  Many things influence our energy level.  EMFs generated by cell phone towers, toxins and pesticides, poor food quality, negative people, and even our own negative thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency and can influence our energy field negatively.  Healthy food, clean air and water, happy people, and positive thoughts vibrate at a much higher frequency and support a healthy and balanced energy field.  A strong energy field can more easily repel negative influences from our surrounding environment.  The Life Force Energy generated by our devices builds the vitality of our body on a cellular level which helps defend against environmental factors while also supporting our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Life Force Energy Units Standard Measurements and Meanings for the Sick and the Healthy.  

1,000 – Nuclear Radiation
2,000 – Radioisotope Radiation  
3,000 – Cell Phone Radiation 
4,000 – Chemical Trails 
5,000 – Microwave Ovens
6,000 – Very Tired Person with a Chronic Disease: COPD, Terminal Cancer, Stroke Paralysis, Severe Pain, Severe Arthritis, MS
7,000 – Person with Borderline Health: Fatigue, Severe Sleep Disorder, Lyme                    Disease, Diabetes, Moderate Pain, Autoimmune Disease, or Obesity
8,000 – Person with Fair Health: Insomnia, Hypertension, Asthma.  
9,000 – Person in Average Health - with a mild health condition 
10,000 – Person in Average Health - without any known health condition  
11,000 – Happy and Healthy Person 
12,000 – Person who enjoys regular exercise
13,000 – Person with positive thoughts most time, healthy and enjoying life
14,000 – Sportsperson
15,000 – Energy Healer at work 
16,000 – Person who is healthy all the time - has not needed any medication for 5 years 
17,000 – Very healthy teenager or adult with consistent vitality and enthusiasm for life

This level of Life Force Energy has also been measured in its natural concentration on ocean side beaches

Life Force Energy Units of Common Foods.  

10,000 – Fresh vegetables, Shitake mushrooms 
11,000 – Spring water
12,000 – Fresh Red or Green Grapes 
13,000 – Fresh Apples, Fresh Pears
14,000 – Fresh Celery, Colliflower 
15,000 – Fresh Orange, Broccoli  

Consuming foods with high levels of Life Force Energy or spending time in environments with a high concentration of Life Force Energy can help the body increase its energy level, however, it is a slow process to achieve a significant therapeutic or healing effect.  Tesla BioHealing Devices deliver a very high concentration of Life Force Energy immediately, naturally, and non-invasively without needing to make any change to your lifestyle.

Life Force Energy Units Generated by Tesla BioHealing Devices

The units were measured when the device was placed right next to the user. The closer to the devices you are, the stronger the Life Force Energy Level.

Tesla BioHealer Travel Size = 50,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla BioHealer for Children = 100,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla BioHealer for Pets = 250,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla BioHealer for Adults = 500,000 Life Force Energy Units
Tesla Med Bed Generator = Over 50,000,000 Life Force Energy Units

The more Life Force Energy available to you, the more your cells will be able to accelerate self-healing and provide more profound therapeutic effects. Someone using Med Bed Generators will be able to increase their Life Force Energy level much higher in a shorter amount of time than someone using BioHealers. Although, BioHealers still provide great therapeutic benefits.  

Example: Person in moderate pain with a Life Force Energy Level of 7,000 before using our devices:

Using 2 Adult BioHealers for 2 months can increase their Life Force Energy Level to 9,000.

Using 2 Med Bed Generators for 2 months can increase their Life Force Energy Level to 13,000.

Example:  Terminal Cancer Patient with a Life Force Energy level of 6,000 before using our devices:

Using 4 Adult BioHealers for 2 months can increase their Life Force Energy Level to 7,000.

Using 2 Med Bed Generators for 2 months can increase their Life Force Energy Level to 11,000.

Important to note:

The above measurements are reference data points based on one point in space and linear measurement only (the closer the device to the user, the stronger the measurement), not representative of 3D sphere or 3D field-based energy output or overall life force energy level generated by each device.  When comparing 3D sphere based overall output energy density strength, Tesla Med Bed Generator provides over 100x times stronger energy level compared to Tesla BioHealer for Adults, thus translating into faster improvement or more pronounced therapeutic effect.

In summary, Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices can be used to increase the user’s Life Force Energy. The sicker someone is, the more Life Force Energy is needed via Tesla Med Bed Generators or multiple Tesla BioHealers in order to increase their cellular energy so that their whole body can gain enough vitality to activate self-repair on all levels of wellbeing.

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Quality of life

I purchased your under bed unit and noticed immediately that my increasingly vivid dreams about the Holocaust and my time machine patent have been on overdrive lately and I think the cat can see my aura as well. I also have purchased the Tesla biohealer can that I keep on my persons in my jansport fanny pack and I would like to note that whilst on my excursions into the park for birdwatching I have lately noticed a increase in blood flow to my lower member which has led me to start partaking in dogging behind the public toilet. All in all this purchase...no investment has increased my quality of life exponentially “cheers” KEN

Noticeable difference in first couple days

Noticeable difference w/in 2 days of better sleep, tingling in my sinuses, leg, upper back shoulder areas for me. For Dad, he is noticeably more alert. (He has had strokes).

This is pretty amazing

I am using an adult bio-healer.
When I first used it, I felt energy inside my whole body in about 10 minutes.
I haven't been able to fall asleep for the past few months, but now I can sleep soundly.
I ordered two and paid for two for my autistic son and Crohn's son (both adults).
However, unfortunately only one arrived.
I'm currently consulting with the person in charge.
I am looking forward to receiving the remaining one.

Hi Masaya - Thanks for sharing below experience with BioHealer.! We are working with Japan UPS to resolve the other BoiHealer shipped as we shipped 2 units. we'll get back as soon as we hear back from UPS International, we'll update you. Thank you for your patience.

Tesla BioHealing

After using the Tesla BioHealing units for almost 2 months, I have seen some positive results. From the first time I held them in my hand I could feel the energy output. I believe they have helped me regain some memory, have helped to reduce pain in my back. I have been faithful to use the units every night for at least 8 hours and sometimes during the day. I believe others can benefit from using the Tesla BioHealing units also if used for at least 8 hours a day. I also believe this is going to be the new healing process for most physical problems within the body.

Worn down body

My body is worn my looks are ok I’ve helped children all my life and working as labor worker.