The Sleep Study Case Report


Life Force Energy empowers the cells of the body to self-heal

Tesla BioHealing© uniquely provides Life Force Energy via its medical devices called the MedBed Generator™ and the Tesla BioHealer™. These Food and Drug Administration over-the-counter (OTC), Class II medical devices generate a concentrated field of pure Life Force Energy that has been known to activate users’ whole body cellular repair mechanisms. The result is cellular repair and rejuvenation, leading to improved health outcomes.We conducted a 3-night sleep study in a healthy subject to determine the if use of the Tesla BioHealing© MedBed Generators™ would impart further health enhancement.

Study Design

A male aged 65 years in relatively good health participated in our 3-night sleep study in November 2020 at the Tesla BioHealing© Center in Milford, Delaware. The participant slept for 8 hours a night on a Tesla MedBed© which consisted of Tesla BioHealing© MedBed Generators™ placed underneath a bedframe. No other change to the participant’s lifestyle was made other than sleeping on a Tesla MedBed©

The study endpoints were:

  • Strengthening compensatory reactions, as measured by percentage increase in cellular repair rate, and
  • Nidus of defeat, as measured by the percentage decrease in cellular destruction rate.

Cellular repair rate measures the capacity for one’s organizing energy to improve health. An increase in cellular repair rate, thereby, indicates increased capacity to self-heal and improve one’s health. Cellular destruction rate measures the level of entropy or chaos of the user. A decrease in cellular destruction rate indicates improved health.


Three nights of sleeping on a Tesla MedBed© resulted in improved strengthening compensatory reactions in all body systems measured, with cellular repair rates increasing between 13% and 45% in bone marrow, blood cells, lymphatic vessels, the brain, the heart, the liver, the lungs, the prostate, and DNA (ie, chromosomes) (see Figures 1-9). The average sum response of these internal organs was a cellular repair rate increase of 34%.A decreasing nidus of defeat was evident, with cellular destruction rates decreasing by 100% in several body systems, including the heart, liver, lung, and prostate (see Figures 5-8). The average sum response of the measured body systems was a cellular destruction rate decrease of 56%.


This 65-year-old male experienced significant increases in cellular repair rates and decreases in cellular destruction rates after only 3 nights of sleeping on a Tesla MedBed©. While the participant was in relatively good health prior to the study, he still experienced further improvement in health. Based on these results, it is likely that longer-term use of Tesla BioHealing™ MedBed Generators™ would yield ongoing health benefits.

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