Tesla MedBed Center

Collierville, TN

Our Tesla Biohealing MedBed Center, located at 4630 Merchants Park Cir #703.

Ashtoria Aesthetics & Wellness​
4630 Merchants Park Cir #703
Collierville, TN 38017

Email: MedBedCenter-TN@TeslaBioHealing.com
Call: 901-310-3530

Tesla MedBed Center - World's First Energy Wellness Center

Immerse yourself in the ultimate whole-body Biophoton Energy experience.
Elevate your well-being with a variety of services catered to your personal healing journey.

All Centers are equipped with Center-Exclusive MedBed Generators that let guests stay in a relaxed state of being and receive biophotons into every living cell of the body.

Enjoy Total Wellness, inside and out!
Sleep: Transform your health with deep rest, relaxation, and more vivid dreams as you sleep your way to optimal wellness.
Hydrate: Hydrate and rejuvenate from the inside out with Biophoton Energized Spring Water.
Energize: Experience enhanced inner vitality and live life to the fullest after each session.
Mobility: Move comfortably and reclaim your vibrancy.
Along with many other benefits experienced by our center guests and at-home device users!

Each center offers unique amenities that vary by location. Give us a call to learn more.
We can't wait to meet you!

About Collierville, TN Center

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Center Service - A La Carte

Start with a single service below!

MedBed Session Add On - At Center
VIBE Experience
Optional $50 add-on feature to the Med Bed service at Ashtoria is the Bioharmonic Technologies VIBE Experience. Combining sound with full body vibrations, the most advanced bioresonance technology on the market today. This technology accesses a direct connection into human neurology and physiology through the largest sensory organ- skin. Providing deep level of meditation, relaxation, and cellular memory release. Our full immersion system features 4 vibrational center points and anti-gravity ergonomic shape for spine support and comfort. Get your VIBE on at the center when you book a stay!

Center Service - Membership

Our membership offers you the best value, best choice, and lowest cost per visit for sustained energy benefits. Receive up to 4 visits per month plus many perks and extra savings only for members!

  • MedBed sessions at significant discounts and the ability to bring a guest along.
  • An inclusive Bio-Well 32-Organ Energy Scan which shows your personalized need-to-improve and improvement tracking in energy level.
  • Energize Message, Yoga, and Meditation (vary by center) which deepen the flow of energy throughout your body.
  • 20% discounts on Tesla MedBed Center Services for further improvements.
  • 20% discount on Home-use products so you can continue to receive energy boosts conveniently at home.
  • Our Tesla BioScore™ tracker and personal consultation plan to monitor your improvements in your Mobility, Energy, and Sleep quality and help you get to goal.

Center Service - Packages

Unable to commit to regular visits? No problem! Packages offer flexibility. Share with family and friends and can be used whenever you want. Easy monthly or lump sum payment options. Click the package below to get started!

Home-Use Products

Combine Home-use products with routine center visits to maintain the healing momentum and sustain the benefits at home. Home-use devices offer the consistency often needed for long-term benefits and optimal health.

Not able to travel to a Tesla MedBed Center, but ready to start the Tesla BioHealing Experience? Shop home-use products below and turn your home bed into a Tesla MedBed!

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Give the gift of everyday Energy, Sleep, and Mobility to yourself and your loved ones, pets included 😊💗

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