1 hora Sesión Medbed | Woburn, MA

1 hora Sesión Medbed | Woburn, MA

Precio habitual$120.00

Woburn, MA

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Sesión de una hora de Tesla Medbed:

Las sesiones de Medbed por hora se pueden reservar para cualquier momento entre las 9 a.m. y las 3 p.m. EST entre semana. Muchas personas señalan mejoras en su bienestar incluso después de solo una hora de descansar en un Tesla Medbed, y a menudo nos dicen que se sienten recargados por el resto del dia. Esta oferta es Una excelente opción también para aquellos que trabajan o viven cerca del centro que desean beneficiarse de los impulsos de energía rápida de la fuerza vital siempre que sea conveniente. Simplemente colocando nuestro Tesla Medbed, recibirá grandes cantidades de energía de la fuerza vital que las células de su cuerpo pueden usar como voluntad y según sea necesario para comenzar a recargar y reparar su sistema.

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Energía promedio de Chakras: de 5.3 julios a 5.9 julios (x10-2)

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Los escaneos de energía bio-well son una tecnología de terceros no creada por Tesla BioHealing, Inc. según Bio-WellEl fabricante, las personas con implantes médicos, incluidos los marcapasos, no deben participar en escaneos de energía bio-bienes.

Customer Reviews

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Geoff Morris

Was unsure what to expect but gave it a try.
When came outside after things around me looked much more vivid. I had discomfort in my neck and lower back on a score of 8 and felt it was reduced to a 4. Of great added value to me is my night sleep was so peaceful I felt like I hardly turned verses constant turning all night long in past. Anyone who has had trouble sleeping in past I am sure can relate. Excited for added visits.

Incredible Experience

I'm not one to take the time to write a review for experiences that are not profound or extraordinary, and since this was both, I'm taking the time so that someone out there might benefit from this technology.

On the day of my 1-hour treatment- it took only 15 minutes to notice how relaxed and calm I became + an increase of vital energy I had not felt in years. I completed the hour and felt fantastic, and it was so beautiful and affirming because I found myself realizing that while I am relatively healthy, I have not felt a ton of energy since being diagnosed with Hashimoto's in my 20's (I'm 52 years old). That night I slept like a baby and had many vivid dreams (something I had also not experienced in many years).

The next day was even more astounding because I felt calm, energized, and clear for the entire day. I'm a professional leadership coach, podcaster, and author, and it's taken me a lot of time and energy to focus on a current book project. Within 30 minutes of sitting down to write, I had outlined the entire book ( something I had been attempting and avoiding for the past year) In addition, my husband and business partner kept remarking how radiant, calm, and articulate I was.

In addition, I have struggled with Eczema for several years in both ears, and one of them has cleared since the Tesla Bed. The other seems well on its way, and I am in awe of the experience and how great I felt, not to mention the added boost in libido, which was an unexpected but appreciated perk after just one session. I can't wait for my next session.

Donna Morrissey
Medbed session

I came in for a medbed session in Woburn, Massachusetts. Right away you could feel the vibration in the room. I have insomnia but fell asleep quickly. By the end of the session I felt tension melt away, increased relaxation and decreased muscle and joint pain. These improvements have lasted for days. It was a great experience and would recommend a med bed session for anyone looking to improve their health.


I experienced a session this week on the med bed in Woburn. I wasn't sure that I would "feel" anything, however I was open to what would be. I was quite relaxed during the session. I think I even fell asleep. When the session ended, I felt totally relaxed, no tension at all in my body. When I got home, I was surprised that I needed to take a nap. I was pleasantly tired, not wiped out. Feelings of calmness and serenity continued through the next day. Maybe best described as that feeling of lightness after you meditate. Even my mood is different. I have experienced some stressful events recently (very challenging)---"something" has changed, after this session, regarding my emotional state. It's hard to describe....maybe it's that calmness or more upbeat or more confident that all will be well.

Joyce T

After a very stressful time in my life, I needed something to destress and rejuvenate me. One hour on the medbed did the trick. I am very energy sensitive and can say that the energy is very clean and easy to receive. I will be back!

Joseph C.

Hi my name is Joseph Curtis, and this is my first time trying the product. I have lots of energy/stress issues. I noticed a mood/feeling change immediately and am happy to try and find out more!

Landon Hale

My name is Landon. This is my first time using the product. My health changes went from an increase in liver and throat, and now everything seems to feel balanced. I’ve noticed my mood becoming calmer and happier once I sat down and tried the BioHealer. I was beyond satisfied, and I will definitely be coming back for more sessions. Such a great experience.

¿Qué es la energía de la fuerza vital?

La energía de la fuerza vital es la fuerza vital natural de la naturaleza que todas las células vivas necesitan para ser lo más saludable posible. La energía de la fuerza vital generada por nuestro dispositivo médico ofrece una solución de salud completamente segura y poderosa. Después de más de 3 años de realizar estudios de seguridad y eficacia y más de 30,000 personas que usan dispositivos médicos de biohealización de Tesla, no se han observado efectos secundarios con el uso de nuestra tecnología y las notables mejoras de salud continúan teniendo lugar para nuestros clientes diariamente.

Beneficios de salud conocidos de la energía de la fuerza vital

Aumento de la reparación celular

Mejora de la permeabilidad de la pared celular, que facilita la eficiencia de la ingesta de nutrientes y elimina los desechos celulares.

Circulación mejorada

Reduciendo naturalmente la inflamación y la mejora de la función inmune.

Dormir mejorado

Facilita la recuperación mejorada para la función cerebral óptima y el soporte del sistema inmune.

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