Tesla MedBed Center

Perkasie, PA

Our Tesla Biohealing MedBed Center, located at 206 Twinbrook Road.

EmiLiisa Inn
206 Twinbrook Road
Perkasie PA, 18944

Email: MedBedCenter-PPA@TeslaBioHealing.com
Call: 215-453-1354

Tesla MedBed Center - World's First Energy Wellness Center

Energy, Sleep, and Pain-Free

Energy, Restorative Sleep, and Pain Reduction are the top 3 benefits from 30,000+ at-center and at-home users reports.

Energized – live your life to the fullest every single day
Sleep – sleep your way to better health with restorative and vivid dream sleep
Pain-Free – move comfortably and experience more life with less chronic pain

Plus many other benefits of Life Force Energy experienced by our center guests and product users!

At Tesla MedBed Center, our guests enjoy and benefit from the super boost of high-strength Life Force Energy with our over-the-counter medical devices. We provide a unique experience in that each room is equipped with Center Exclusive MedBed Generators that lets guests stay in a relaxed state of being and receive biophotons into every living cell of the body. Guests can enjoy an environment rich in life force energy and conducive to maximum healing and relaxation, in addition to the other therapeutic benefits with significant clinical outcome improvements. Each center offers unique amenities, vary by center, and services enhanced with Tesla BioHealing Technology including Energized Massage, Energized Yoga, Energized Meditation, Energized Gym, Energized Pool, etc.

To deliver an everyday life quality impacting and sustainable clinical outcome-driven health-benefiting experience, our Centers offer multiple services and plans that are catered to where you are on your personal healing journey.

Visit our center in person for Hourly MedBed Sessions or Day MedBed Sessions. Experience for yourself why so many are sharing their remarkable stories with us! 

Perkasie, PA is the location of The EmiLiisa Inn, featuring Tesla BioHealing. The EmiLiisa Inn is a wellness-oriented "Inn" operating out of a historic home that has a peaceful and quiet location. Tesla BioHealing technology is offered to clients several ways. Overnight stays, full day visits, or even hourly visits help people increase circulation, pain and rejuvenate their body and mind. This is done by increasing the Life Force Energy and Biophotons that allow one's own body to begin healing itself. The scientist Nikola Tesla began this research but was unable to conclude the study before he passed. Now Tesla BioHealing has finished this study and with it comes the creation of Tesla generators, BioHealers for Adults, and even BioHealers for pets!

"The desire that guides me in all I do is the desire to harness the forces of nature to the service of Mankind" - Nikola Tesla

These over-the-counter devices can be experienced, and purchased, at the EmiLiisa Inn. I have experienced this technology myself. I was having a very hard time recovering from an infection that nearly killed me and was causing terrible back spasms among other issues.  

The spasms had persisted for nearly a year after my surgery. The physical therapy, medications, therapeutic massage and even acupuncture helped but did not eliminate these daily back spasms. Excruciating pain accompanied these spasms, and I was starting to lose hope that there would come a day that would be pain free. After spending two nights at the Medbed center in Delaware, I was absolutely astonished that I felt no pain for 10 days straight! I put my walker, cane and even my meds aside for 10 days straight. I was deeply touched by this experience, and my girlfriend Cathy and I decided to try to help share this amazing equipment, with as many people as possibe so we have converted our lovely home into a Tesla BioHealing Center. We invite you to see for yourself just how wonderful this Tesla BioHealing equipment and technology really is by joining us at The EmiLiisa Inn.

Most Sincerely,
William Eckelmeyer
Tesla Ambassador for the EmiLiisa Inn

Center Service - A La Carte

Start with a single service below!

Center Service - Membership

Our membership offers you the best value, best choice, and lowest cost per visit for sustained energy benefits. Receive up to 4 visits per month plus many perks and extra savings only for members!

  • MedBed sessions at significant discounts and the ability to bring a guest along.
  • Energize Message, Yoga, and Meditation (vary by center) which deepen the flow of energy throughout your body.
  • 20% discounts on Tesla MedBed Center Services for further improvements.
  • 20% discount on Home-use products so you can continue to receive energy boosts conveniently at home.
  • Our Tesla BioScore™ tracker and personal consultation plan to monitor your improvements in your Pain, Energy, and Sleep quality and help you get to goal.

Home-Use Products

Combine Home-use products with routine center visits to maintain the healing momentum and sustain the benefits at home. Home-use devices offer the consistency often needed for long-term benefits and optimal health.

Not able to travel to a Tesla MedBed Center, but ready to start the Tesla BioHealing Experience? Shop home-use products below and turn your home bed into a Tesla MedBed!

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Give the gift of everyday Energy, Sleep, and Pain-Free living to yourself and your loved ones, pets included 😊💗

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