Bio-Well Energy Scan at Tesla MedBed Center

Who are we?

Here at Tesla BioHealing and MedBed Center, we provide the best integrative health and wellness service in the world providing enhanced and concentrated Life Force Energy (life light) to over 30,000 users and counting.

Because Life Force Energy is a substance that all biological systems produce and utilize at the cellular level for optimal wellbeing, we have proven to have a safe track record with no negative side effects.

Harnessing this naturally occurring energy into our services and products has remarkably changed many people’s lives. With countless lasting benefits, research and clinical studies show that our (OTC) medical devices allows the body’s innate intelligence to be in charge of the self-healing process, facilitating profound and rapid improvements in wellbeing.

To measure one's light in the body and visually see in real time of how our products work, Bio-Well Energy Scan technology assists us with generating a clear picture and report of not only progression but pinpointing what is currently affecting the body with area of improvement that is personalized and targeted.

Bio-Well Energy Scan reports at the MedBed Center allows for baseline setting and progress track to help our users to measure and monitor improvement in energy and bodily alignment.

What is a Bio-Well Energy scan?

The Bio-Well energy scan is a trailblazing mechanism specifically made to measure the light and energy in one's body.

This powerful Electro-Photonic Imaging technology consists of a quick camera analysis and software via the electrical currents in the body simply by scanning of one's fingertips. The analysis is then channeled and converted into graphical representation for further visual interpretation.

This service is provided and recommended for all visits to any Tesla BioHealing and MedBed Centers.

Read more on Bio-Well here.

Service/Products Benefits

  • Our technology has shown benefits on various levels, including molecular, subcellular, organ, and whole-body. By increasing the energy potential in the body, our users have reported improvements in overall health, including energy, sleep, inflammation, pain reduction, brain function, and blood circulation.

The Power of Hourly MedBed Session at Tesla MedBed Center Before and After Bio-Well Energy Scan

What to expect from 1 Hr MedBed Session with Before and After Bio-Well Energy Scan?

These two Bio-Well before and after at-center session reports show improvements in Chakras alignment, overall energy, and average energy jump.

Before 1 Hr MedBed Generators Use

Chakras Alignment - from 78%
Overall Energy - from 57 Joules x10-2)
Average Chakras Energy - from 5.3 Joules (x10-2)

After 1 Hr MedBed Generators Use

Chakras Alignment - to 92%
Overall Energy – to 62 Joules (x10-2)
Average Chakras Energy – to 5.9 Joules (x10-2)

Representative data shown, not applicable to all users. For overall energy, most people fall between 40-70 Joules (x10-2), the higher the better of course.