Your Partners in Health:
Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky,
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Advisor to Pet Visitors
Dr. Seth Robinson, Doctor for Rolla MedBed Center, Advisor to Human Visitors

715 W Lions Club Dr.
Rolla, MO 65401

Email: MedBedCenterPet-RMO@TeslaBioHealing.com
Phone: 573-426-3647

3-Night Wellness Getaway (Weekdays and Weekends Available) includes before/after Bio-Well Energy Scans & 6 bottles of energized water! $1800+ value for just $1200! Please call for more details and availability.

Tesla BioHealing Center For People & Their Pets - World's First Energy Wellness Center

Immerse yourself or your pet in the ultimate whole-body Biophoton Energy experience. Elevate your well-being with a variety of services catered to your personal healing journey.

All Centers are equipped with Center-Exclusive Biophoton Generators that let guests stay in a relaxed state of being and receive energy into every living cell of the body.

Enjoy Total Wellness, inside and out!
Sleep: Transform your health with deep rest, relaxation, and more vivid dreams as you sleep your way to optimal wellness.
Hydrate: Hydrate and rejuvenate from the inside out with Energized Spring Water.
Energize: Experience enhanced inner vitality and live life to the fullest after each session.
Along with many other benefits experienced by our center guests and at-home device users!

Each center offers unique amenities that vary by location. Give us a call to learn more.
We can't wait to meet you!

At Tesla BioHealing Center for Pets, you'll meet experienced veterinarian Dr. Jessica, who is serving Rolla, Waynesville, St. Robert, St. James, St. Louis, and many more of the surrounding areas.

In fact, our animal clinic is one of the few in the area that offers both traditional and holistic pet care. We provide a warm, welcoming, calm, kid-friendly environment that is designed to make you and your Pet feel comfortable throughout your visit. Our veterinarian, Dr. Jessica in Rolla, MO, welcomes your call for both routine care and holistic services and she desires to find and address the root of the disease with your beloved Pet. 

Our compassionate and highly educated veterinary team is headed up by Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky, who has gone beyond the ‘norm’ of vet education by attending conferences with the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association & Ozone Therapy Summits. Her skills allow her to go above and beyond conventional veterinary care with the implementation of Ozone Therapy, Laser (photobiomodulation) Therapy, Herbal Medicine, PEMF Therapy, Homeopathic Dietary advice, Aromatherapy, and many more Alternative Therapies for animals.

Dr. Jessica Wodohodsky will happily talk to you about the various options that can help your pet live a longer, healthier life. Call her direct at phone number 573-426-3647 or 573-528-7032.

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