Business Opportunity

Join the Force! Impact Lives! Change the World!
Open a New MedBed Center in your area TOGETHER with us!

We are excited to receive inquiries about center openings daily. In response, we are recruiting talented individuals to join our team and contribute to our mission of delivering life changing MedBed Center services and home-use products to their part of the world.

We need:

  • Many new centers organized under a net revenue-sharing business model.
  • Talented individuals with managerial skills to run our new centers.

To qualify, we are looking for individuals who

  • Share the passion and mission of helping people in need and impacting customers’ lives.
  • Experienced our technology and products firsthand and demonstrate a thorough understanding of our technology, products, and services.
  • Have the ability to apply knowledge of our target geographical market and customer base in order to run local marketing.
  • Have business management and team management experience and a successful track record in building startups.

To apply to be considered as the new center lead:

1) Submit a 10 min video about yourself that includes the following:

  • Your experience with our home-use products (i.e., BioHealers and MedBed Generators) or MedBed Center Sessions along with any health improvements.
  • Why you are a good fit to start and run a new MedBed Center in your area.
  • Your current employment status.
  • Your track record of entrepreneurial/start-up business experience.
  • Your team-building track record.
  • Your existing business and website, if any (not required).
  • Your medical experience, if any (not required).
  • Your recommendation for a new MedBed Center location and why.
  • The number of hours you can allocate per day/week if you were to open a new center and how soon you can start.
    Start video submission here

2) Email: your CV/Resume and request access to the Expansion Plan PDF.
Subject: Business Opportunity - NEW Tesla MedBed Center (Self Intro Video Submission Completed)