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Sessions are always revitalizing

Cured in just 4 weeks

My arthritis was so bad I was unable to open bottles, jars. opening doors was painful and even dressing was becoming so painful. I have been suffering with this for 3 years.

My brother came across the Bio Healers and decided to buy 4 for me.

I started using them and within 4 days I noticed a few fingers were moving better, within 4 weeks it was amazing I was almost cured and after 8 weeks I was completed cured and have been pain free ever since.

Simply amazing devices.

I just wish every person with a health problem could own a few as they are life changing for sure.

Day Pass MedBed Session – Day Pass + 1 BioWell Energy Scan | Tampa, FL

DE Center Experience

Arthritis pain gone.

day pass med bed - biowell energy scan tampa,fl.

Nice place , clean , quiet professional people i enjoy my day there ,thanks .

I noticed a much better deeper sleep. I had Shingles and the recovery was fast and the Post Treatment Neuropathy is almost completely resolved. I have much more energy and feel more rested when I wake up in the morning. I do have Wet AMD, so I am going to see my Opthalmologist in early February for by bimonthly check, I had ordered 3 Biohealerr for my Husband, Joe, He is noticing a much better
Sleep, as well. Much better recovery time between workouts. Much less muscle soreness.
Thank you for this wonderful product!!🙏👍😁

Hi my name is Joseph Curtis, and this is my first time trying the product. I have lots of energy/stress issues. I noticed a mood/feeling change immediately and am happy to try and find out more!

My name is Landon. This is my first time using the product. My health changes went from an increase in liver and throat, and now everything seems to feel balanced. I’ve noticed my mood becoming calmer and happier once I sat down and tried the BioHealer. I was beyond satisfied, and I will definitely be coming back for more sessions. Such a great experience.

1st visit

I had my initial scan and first one hour session today. The clinic is beautiful with the Mississippi River in view. Michael the associate/technician is super nice and informed. Dr. Smotrys is smart enough to work for NASA but has a gift of being able to explain complicated, biological and scientific data so that everyone understands it. She’s a highbred of doctor, life coach and cheerleader. With just one hour session I went from 15 imbalances to only 9. I will definitely be scheduling my 24 hour session and scheduling a long-term treatment plan. On a scale of 1 through 10 I give this facility and staff a 15.

Not sure

I'm 67 y/o and have been into natural healing for 33 years. That means I don't have a "My Doctor," and I don't want one or need one. I can always find herbs or other alternatives. One year ago Christmas Day I fell and seriously injured my right rotator cuff. A couple of friends had already don't the same injury and opted for surgeries, etc. Because of Corina/Corona I was having difficulty getting starting healing or the therapies of my choice. They ended up being Rolfing, Acupuncture and Chiropractor-mostly for an x-ray and option of the my situation. For the first three months it was slow going and then appointments opened up and it was slow going. So, i went from thinking I might lose my arm to perhaps 90 per cent better now. I think my final hoorah would have to do with the bones need to be closed up some.
I think perhaps the Tesla Biohealing is helping. In my future I am planning on moving from Gulfport, MS back to Phoenix, AZ in the very near future and will entertain the idea of visiting your clinic which is, I think just south of Phoenix.
Please feel free to contact me any time.
Thank you

I use it everyday. Thanks

5 star

Sleep so well. I feel peaceful too! Love them!

Seems to be helping me. I was sleeping pretty good even before but maybe helping with stiffness from being in bed all night

Best night sleep in many years

I’m a cancer survivor and the Medbed has been a God send. I highly recommend the Medbed Center the best night sleep in years. My spine pain has diminished for the first time in 10 years after completing chemotherapy and radiation. I wish I could purchase the Medbed generator.

Love it

Helping arthritis big time.

Joe’s Journey

I am giving Tesla Bio Healers very high marks. My husband is learning every day tasks again. He is no longer sloppy while eating. He sits up straight and knows how to pierce his meat to get it on the fork. He is now helping dress himself. Little things that we take for granted he could not do that he is now doing again.
We started with the 4 small canisters and after 2 1/2 weeks I was already seeing a difference. I then ordered the generators and today he has made quite a leap. Our son & wife came for lunch and Joe was joking and talking the way he did 3 years ago. I believe he will continue to get even better
Joe has a TBI and his neurologist also said he had Dementia Pugilistica. The younger generation does not know that boxers were once called Pugilists.
Joe was in a Jeep accident while in the service and took quite a hit to the head. The signs did not show up until many years later. These generators are giving Joe back his dignity.
He also looked at me the other day and started crying because he realized I was his wife. I’m waiting for him to remember my name.🙏🏻

Happy Recipient.

We are very pleased with our BioHealers. We have no idea how they work but we definitely feel some benefits from using them. Better sleep, more energy, some weightloss, less overall pain so far. I just turned 64 and my husband is 72.

1st Time Adult BioHealer User

As a 1st time user, I'm glad I made the purchase. I have 2 of the Adult BioHealers next to me all the time. I have noticed that my dreams are more vivid and that I can remember them. I seem to get a better night's sleep and that my energy and overall health has improved just in a short period of time.

cured pain

it worked miracles. 10/10. i had horrible butt cramps and it cured the pain. i was also losing hair and now i have a full head of hair. so thankful for this product


Great product. Helped with join pain and chronic headaches, great investment.


this product worked miracles. i was having horrible constipation and it cured my problems and constant utis

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Wayne & Ingrid Hall
With 4 noticeable improvement

We got two at first and did not notice much improvement except for better sleep. We got two more. Husband has Prostate problems and has to get up several times every night, now only once. I have to get up at least once per night. Tessies like we Call them have reduced my BP a little, improves areas of pain, use them near my knees and rarely have pain in them any more. Definitely has improved our issues.

Overnt Tesla Biofield Recon

Stayed overnight in the "medbed" with Tesla generators underneath. The room and office were very tranquil. You could only VERY subtly feel the energetics while in the room with the generators. You had to drop very deeply within to feel the energy runs throughout body while on the beds. You could tune into the energy field while sitting or lying on the bed otherwise you would BARELY notice the Tesla generated energy field. I had no previous maladies with which to make comparisons of before and after exposure. I slept in only 45 minute intervals all night, awakening to the low vibratory induction running through my cellular and energetic fields. Finally arising early next morning , I left facility feeling fully charged. In comparison to Scalar EES exposure, the 2 are quite different utilizing differing quantum fields. The scalar immediately puts you into Hertzian gamma fields however Tesla waves are non Hertzian and are EM oscillations which affect and conduct differently on the human biome. Different effects on the human biofield but both extensively repair in their own frequency vehicle to promote natural rhythmic harmonics to induce biome resets.

The Tesla Biohealer has given some good results

I believe that I cannot give a very accurate detailed report because I really think I need the Tesla GENERATOR!

Tesla BioHealer for Adults