Business Opportunity

Tesla MedBed Wellness Center-Joint or Dedicated

Tesla BioHealing is extending business opportunities to existing owners of businesses such as doctor’s offices (MD, DO, DC, DMD, specialist), massage, spas, yoga, physical therapy, wellness centers, gyms, and the like. In this way,  Tesla MedBed Wellness seeks to revolutionize the healing experience for our customers nationwide while simultaneously increasing location access and improving affordability.

We wish to deliver unparalleled and speedy therapeutic onset and result-driven health benefits that positively impact the quality of life for our customers. You are invited to partner with us in completing that mission.

Program Details:

Joint or Dedicated MedBed Wellness Center

To qualify, you must:

  • Share the passion and mission of helping people in need and impacting customers’ lives.
  • Experience our technology and products firsthand and demonstrate a thorough understanding of our technology, products, and services.
  • Have the ability to apply knowledge of our target geographical market and customer base in order to run local marketing.
  • Have business management experience and a successful track record in building startups.
  • Have a real estate location and operation team ready.

To Apply:

Subject: Business Opportunity - Tesla MedBed Center
Include in the body of the email:

Model choice:

  1. Joint branded center - combine with your existing business


  1. Dedicated Tesla MedBed Wellness Center (Tesla MedBed brand only)
  2. Your existing business website
  3. Proposed new center location
  4. Your current number of staff
  5. Other relevant resources or expertise you may contribute to making the new business a success