Collaboration Opportunities for Bringing Tesla BioHealing to the World!

Tesla BioHealing is happy to provide collaborative opportunities to individuals and businesses interested in bringing this life enhancing, breakthrough technology to those in need. We offer four tier-based programs available and invite you to reference the table below to find where you may fit best.

Please note: We do not offer free testing of the product and recommend that you invest in the technology for yourself and/or your loved ones first to make sure this is a technology you are confident about promoting before reaching out to us about business-to-business opportunities. For those interested in reselling the product or becoming Tesla BioHealing center partners, there will be a required course to complete before considering your application. We look forward to hearing from you!



Collaboration Opportunity




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Friends and Family Referral Program

Anyone who wants to share the product with others

Existing customer wanting to buy more product & give their friends and family a discount for their first purchase

When you refer someone, they receive $30 off their purchase; you receive a $30 coupon for your future purchase

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Affiliate Program

Must have an online wellness related platform

Social media influencer, blogger, online wellness store, or business etc.

Post your affiliate link onto your website to spread the word about the technology and earn a commission per sale

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Business to Business  Reseller Program

Must have a wellness-oriented store front or business where you would like to utilize and resell the product

Chiropractic Office, Energy Healing Center, Sleep Center, Sexual Health Center, Animal Clinic, etc.

High profit margin available by integrating our technology into your practice and reselling our products to your clients

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Tesla BioHealing Center Partnership Program

Must have experience running a wellness center and the financial means to partner

Someone who has been successful in their ventures and wants to invest in the next big thing

$4M minimum upfront commitment for your part of the Center Co-Development Partnership Investment

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