MedBed Generators Upgrade Program Detail Expand


Are you already experiencing health improvements from your Tesla BioHealers? Then imagine what Tesla MedBed Generators can do for you! Our MedBed Generators are 100x more powerful than our BioHealers offering faster and deeper therapeutic benefit even for the most serious of conditions.

With our new MedBed Generators Upgrade Program you can use the investment you’ve already made into your BioHealers towards your upgrade while continuing to enjoy your BioHealers!

Are you interested in MedBed Generators but want an introduction to the technology first? Then our upgrade program is perfect for you too! Whether you already have BioHealers or want to try the BioHealers before upgrading to MedBed Generators, the process is simple, and the benefits profound.

MedBed Generators Upgrade Program Eligibility

  • Invest in 4 Adult BioHealers in a single order (Investment = $2,400)

  • Upgrade to MedBed Generators within 2 months of your BioHealers’ order

  • Your original investment of $2,400 will be applied toward your MedBed Generators, and you get to keep your BioHealers for FREE!

  • You can apply your $2,400 towards any amount of MedBed Generators (2, 4, 6, 8)

MedBed Generators vs Adult BioHealers Energy Quotient

2 MedBed Generators = 200 Adult BioHealers
4 MedBed Generators = 400 Adult BioHealers
6 MedBed Generators = 600 Adult BioHealers
8 MedBed Generators = 800 Adult BioHealers

How to Upgrade

Step 1: Buy 4 Adult BioHealers

Step 2: Experience the 4 Adult BioHealers and confirm early signs of improvement, see below (2 months time limit to be eligible for the Upgrade Program)

Step 3: Request an upgrade within 2 months of your BioHealer purchase by emailing with the subject line “MedBed Generators Upgrade”

  • Include your order number for the 4 Adult BioHealers (must be a single order)

  • Let us know how many (2, 4, 6) MedBed Generators you would like for the upgrade

Step 4: Receive a payment invitation with $2,400 discount for the upgrade purchase. 

Note: You must purchase 4 Adult BioHealers in a single order and request an upgrade within two months of placing your BioHealer order to be eligible for this program. If eligible, $2,400 will be discounted from your MedBed Generators investment and you will get to keep your 4 BioHealers for free. No additional discounts will be applied to this program.

What to look for in early signs of improvement?

Early Signs of Improvement with multiple BioHealers:
Based on over 10,000 users’ feedback, early signs of improvement include (1) pain reduction; (2) better sleep; (3) vivid dreams, indicating enhanced brain activity; (4) fresh energy; (5) libido increase, (6) easy bowel movement; (7) easier breathing, (8) mental clarity, (9) normalized blood glucose; (10) normalized blood pressure, etc.