Tesla BioHealing medical devices provide Life Force Energy to the user. Remarkable health benefits have been observed in over 20,000 people, many of whom had chronic unmet medical needs.

How do Tesla MedBed Generators compare to Tesla BioHealers?

Both products are FDA registered OTC medical devices. Tesla MedBed Generators are over 100X more powerful than Tesla BioHealers for even more accelerated and enhanced outcomes. MedBed Generators are recommended for people with serious conditions and diseases who seek more profound and accelerated outcomes. 


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Any recommendation is not a substitute for your doctor's treatment. Outcomes vary individually. Above statements not evaluated by the FDA. Consult your doctor whenever needed.

Above recommendation based on >20,000 people’s feedback.
User-to-device distance is critical to the level of Life Force Energy. The closer the device is to the user/targeted body part, the stronger the energy.

Duration of use per day and period length dependent on severity of health condition and age. Generally, users feel positive effects in a few days, but can need 8 weeks minimum to note significant improvement. Seniors over 70 years of age will need a longer time to experience notable improvement. More serious conditions also need a longer time period to be effectively addressed.

Please Note: 10-20% of people may not "feel" the Life Force Energy generated from our devices, however, these people still often experience early improvements, though subtle such as having more energy naturally and experiencing more vivid dreams. In general, about 60% of people can physically feel the Life Force Energy nourishing their body and often describe it as, “soothing” "tingling", "warm waves", "electricity" and other positive sensations. 

Everyone reacts to Life Force Energy differently and at different speeds. At a minimum, your body needs 4-6 weeks of consistent use to reach a new level of enhanced wellbeing. The more you use the devices throughout your lifetime the better your cellular health and overall health will be.

Early signs of efficacy while Tesla BioHealing Products based on users’ feedback include: (1) better sleep; (2) vivid dreams indicating enhanced brain activity; (3) fresh energy; (4) libido increase, (5) easy bowel movement; (6) improved breathing, (7) clearer mind, (8) reduction in pain, (9) normalizing blood glucose; (10) normalizing blood pressure, etc. People with a specific disease/condition often report specific benefits.

For Energy Sensitive Users: Place Generators within 6 ft. from your body in any position to start and move them closer after 1-2 days; After used for a few nights, place it as close to you as possible, preferably right next to targeted body part.