Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that occurs due to prolonged diabetes leading to further complications. Diabetes with neuropathy most often damages nerves in legs and feet but can occur anywhere in the body. Patients can experience numbness, loss of sensation, shooting pain in their extremities, loss of balance, and even problems with their digestive and cardiac system.  

Diabetic neuropathy has no known cure and according to the Mayo Clinic may affect as many as 50% of people with diabetes. However, diabetic patients can often prevent neuropathy or slow its progress with consistent blood sugar management and a healthy lifestyle.  

Tesla BioHealing has shown remarkable therapeutic effects in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Life Force Energy, or Tesla Waves, are known for their ability to speed up nutritional intake, detoxify the body, promote blood circulation, and boost cellular repair. Diabetic patients using our Tesla BioHealing products have reported normalized blood sugar levels in as little as 2 hours of use, and much easier management of their blood glucose levels as time goes by. Many people report more energy, overall improved wellbeing, and even that they require less insulin to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.  

This promising feedback we hope is the beginning of helping many people with diabetes avoid diabetic neuropathy. For those already suffering from neuropathy, Tesla BioHealing offers a completely natural and non-invasive healing solution. Nerve damage is addressed very well with the Life Force Energy generated from our devices, due to the regenerative processes that are able to be facilitated on a cellular level. The Life Force Energy provided by our products has been shown to boost cellular energy, rapidly increase cellular repair rates, and dramatically decrease cellular destruction rates, even after only 3 nights use. People with neuropathy have noted increased feeling, mobility, circulation, and far less pain simply by having more Life Force Energy available to them via Tesla BioHealing products.  





"Lowered blood glucose level in just 2 hrs!"

Helped lowered my blood glucose to normal with just 2 hours of use. Amazing!



"Blood sugar and blood pressure"

My brother is doing better with both his fasting blood sugars and his blood pressures. I find I sleep more soundly and wake up just prior to my alarm more than I have done in years.

Dr. Frank


"Normalized Perfect Blood Pressure & Better Sleep"

I have noticed I have been sleeping better. Also, my blood pressure has normalized. Before, I was not sleeping well for a few years. Also my blood pressure was a bit too high always and sometimes very high. After 2 to 3 weeks I have noticed a very nice sleep pattern and the blood pressure is almost perfect every day.



"Diabetes - 50 pts in lowered sugar level"

I have used the Tesla by my night stand every night. I feel calm and more focused. Most importantly my sugars came down at least 40/50 points in the morning. I also feel more energy. All together it has been a radical change without pills or exercise. But, I feel with prolonged use I would feel even more positive results. Because with more energy impacts me to exercise and this affecting my Sugars in a long period of time. I am very impressed with the Tesla Miracle in a can. I can see this being life changing for many people afflicted with life long illness. From mind to body is positively healed with out more drugs and side affect. The only side affect is to get better.



"Diabetic Neuropathy - improved legs/feet observed by my doctor"

Doing  pretty  good  with my feet....today  i had a big thing happen, i  was  standing  with  my friend who is a doctor talking, and i started  to shift weight from one leg to the other!! wowowow i had not done that in  a  long long time... she commented how great i am walking. she notices these things...  also  a very red rash on my back that i had for years is nearly gone  and is not burning at all anymore.



"137 mg/dL lower glucose read"

137mg/dl - I have not seen these numbers! Much lower than >200 I used to have.  I put the Tesla next to me all night‚ THANK YOU!

Ms Patel


"Diabetes / Alphasia - improved feet sensitivity"

I see my improvements... and slow as they are, the changes are very encouraging!!!! I am so happy on this, i can see so much happen in such a short time. I have tried everything and never gotten any sensitivity in my feet. overall... I still have trouble with my stomach (swollen leaky gut) and my high blood pressure and blood sugar. no matter what i cut from my diet (have cut rice, corn, gluten sugar, and i don't drink alcohol. I am experimenting with reducing my insulin which i know creates some kind of reaction as i seem to be alergic to it, but my docs say i must must take it. my blood sugars range from 275 to 300 fasting. has been this way for years. i think my body is trying to fix so much... that it will come in time. Oh, i forgot to add, i think my thinking is improving. while i have aphasia, it seems to be behaving better. Thank you!!



"Diabetic Neuropathy"

Have been using for about 1 week now, still heavily impacted as my feet really had bad neuropathy. every couple days it seems i have noticed improvements. first my right foot is really so much less, the feeling of a sock on my right has eased, the complete numb of the tip of my right big toe is waking up majorly...i can feel the soles of my foot they still tingle a bit... but i can move a lot better with my right foot. on my worst foot which i barely felt anything... i can feel a lot of it.. the numb big toe is experiencing more feeling (i have been reporting on this)... but the severe edemia is nearly gone. the extreme sock feeling on left foot is mostly in the ankle area, up the leg the feeling of the sock is waning too.

Ms. G



Already seeing positive changes in our son with type one diabetes. With the charts from before and after it's very interesting that his blood sugar is remaining stable all night long. Secondly, he is using much less insulin during the day down by at least 40%.



"Manageable blood sugar, harmonious energy, it really works"

I have been using my Tesla BioHealer for two weeks. I feel younger, and more a sense of positive destiny during this time of crisis. I do feel an actual energy enhancement, similar to the drive I felt thirty years ago. I just feel in harmony. I don't feel painfully alone anymore. As a widower I feel that I've lost the pain of being alone. I am more comfortable with my situation and grateful for my blessings that I've been out of touch with. My blood sugar has become more manageable too. Strangely, it really works.



"Type 1 Diabetic"

We have noticed a change for my son's T1 Diabetes. He is using less insulin, and when he gets a bolus it brings his sugar down very quickly, and we have to use less than normal. He has gone from about 15 units of Bolus to about 5. His sugar is more stable at night as well.



"Works very well - Type 1 Diabetic, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis"

I have been a type 1 Diabetic since I was 8 years old. It definitely has helped with keeping a more level A1C. My wife has had fibromyalgia and arthritis since birth. We are both 31 years old and have major health issues. We have already suggested it to my mother in law and she bought 2 since she has the same sort of problems my wife has. It makes us move and have more energy. We may need to get MORE! I highly recommend.

William Kallatsa