Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that occurs due to prolonged diabetes leading to further complications. Diabetes with neuropathy most often damages nerves in legs and feet but can occur anywhere in the body. Patients can experience numbness, loss of sensation, shooting pain in their extremities, loss of balance, and even problems with their digestive and cardiac system.  

Diabetic neuropathy has no known cure and according to the Mayo Clinic may affect as many as 50% of people with diabetes. However, diabetic patients can often prevent neuropathy or slow its progress with consistent blood sugar management and a healthy lifestyle.  

Tesla BioHealing has shown remarkable therapeutic effects in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Life Force Energy, or Tesla Waves, are known for their ability to speed up nutritional intake, detoxify the body, promote blood circulation, and boost cellular repair. Diabetic patients using our Tesla BioHealing products have reported normalized blood sugar levels in as little as 2 hours of use, and much easier management of their blood glucose levels as time goes by. Many people report more energy, overall improved wellbeing, and even that they require less insulin to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.  

This promising feedback we hope is the beginning of helping many people with diabetes avoid diabetic neuropathy. For those already suffering from neuropathy, Tesla BioHealing offers a completely natural and non-invasive healing solution. Nerve damage is addressed very well with the Life Force Energy generated from our devices, due to the regenerative processes that are able to be facilitated on a cellular level. The Life Force Energy provided by our products has been shown to boost cellular energy, rapidly increase cellular repair rates, and dramatically decrease cellular destruction rates, even after only 3 nights use. People with neuropathy have noted increased feeling, mobility, circulation, and far less pain simply by having more Life Force Energy available to them via Tesla BioHealing products.