Digital Marketing Ecommerce Assistant - CLOSED

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Assistant

Department: Marketing/IT
Position: Digital Marketing Ecommerce Assistant

Marketing Descriptions and Duties are; but not limited to:

You are a social media guru with knowledge of all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. to create a monthly social media content and posting schedule.

You are a super creative person that can think outside the box with new ideas to pitch to the team in order to generate online buzz around our products.

You have an eye for art/design, and you can survive without using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere to create fresh visual content for us.

Your writing skills and attention to details are second to none because you know the content you put out there will be seen by thousands of people so you cannot get it wrong.

You’ve got the ability to develop awesome creative content (i.e. website banners/ads) for emails, website, social media, blogs, brochures, signs, etc.

You have basic web design skills needed to update and modify ecommerce websites in HTML so that text appears bold or in a different color to possibly adding links and images to blogs.

You love watching videos and have a basic understanding of video content creation from topic creation to using a camera to film the content and directing your vision on screen.

After you have created a video you also have preferred basic video editing skills that allows you to be able to use Adobe Premiere to cut, add, modify and then export your video for YouTube.

You will monitor Google Adwords campaigns. Knowledge of Google Adwords helpful, but not necessary if you are willing to learn.

Backend Marketing Support:

We are a small team and you will wear many hats. One of them will be to help support our team with anything related to your marketing duties as well as website and ecommerce support.

Must easily adapt to technology. We update our website with features, supporting apps, products, so you must be able technologically inclined to be able to pick these things up quick. 

You must be able to teach others about new features and procedures we implement on the website to our team. You will act like an IT support person for all thing’s website and ecommerce support.

The team will rely on you to provide the day-to-day ecommerce (Website/Amazon/Ebay) support when something is not working correctly or basic help with orders.

Sometimes people need to reset their passwords or install their email to a new device, and they will come to you for this.

Maybe a website app or the payment processing system on the website is not working and you’ll need to get in there and figure things out.