How Does Tesla BioHealing Technology Work?

Tesla BioHealing technology is a data-driven, natural, safe, and highly effective health solution. Based upon Nikola Tesla’s original discoveries “harnessing the forces of nature to the service of mankind”, Tesla BioHealing has pioneered new breakthrough medical devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy – a natural, powerful environment for the body’s innate healing intelligence to be optimally supported.  

At the core of every cell, Life Force Energy is present. Not only is it present, but it is a vital force of nature essential for human cells, and the cells of all biological systems, to carry out their functions optimally. Life Force Energy has been acknowledged both in ancient cultures and modern-day scientific communities as a vital substance innate in all living things and available in various levels in our environment.  

You can think of Life Force Energy similar to oxygen in the sense that it is a naturally occurring substance which our cells utilize every day and have need of in specific quantities. However, if you need to use oxygen therapeutically it needs to be concentrated and delivered to your system in much higher quantities than is available in the everyday atmosphere. The same is true of Life Force Energy. Our bodies produce and utilize Life Force Energy consistently, but this level of concentration is not enough to offer our cells the optimal level of support as we age or when we are become ill or injured. In other words when we are lacking life force.  

Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices create their own environments of pure Life Force Energy, offering a much higher concentration of this natural healing force than is available in everyday environments. Once a person or pet is within this potent field of Life Force Energy, the body can absorb this vital energy at will and as needed just like it does every day, only know there is much more available for the cells of the body to benefit from. Once the body is given enough Life Force Energy to work with, cellular self-repair mechanisms can begin to activate much faster and more profoundly than previously was possible.  

When you are using a Tesla BioHealing medical device, you are literally entering a new environment that the cells of your body can be nourished by, providing the body with the increased levels of energetic support necessary to activate self-healing. We rely on the body’s innate intelligence to prioritize what to do with this new level of Life Force Energy available versus sending specific frequencies through the body at specific times. Via a pre-activation process of natural materials, these medical devices generate a consistent sphere of pure Life Force Energy offering a highly concentrated healing environment for continual cellular support. Your body is the healer, we are simply offering more of what the cells’ own healing capacities need in order to carry out their best work.  

Already, over 30,000 people have benefited and continue to improve their life quality from this Life Force Energy approach to wellness. As you support your system daily with this optimal environment for wellbeing, your energized cells can repair injured and/or aged organs, allowing for a return of vitality, significant pain relief, and much more.  

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