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IT Manager - Job Description

Tesla BioHealing is opening breakthrough wellness centers across the country! Our medical technology uses Life Force Energy to improve life quality for people with unmet needs, such as those with stroke-paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s’ diseases, Alzheimer’s diseases, dementia, and more. People will receive Life Force Energy simply by staying at our centers which are equipped with Tesla MedBeds. We have seen incredible recoveries take place in short periods of time from people using our MedBeds. Just by staying overnight at our center, people will feel like they are at vacation at a hotel, but their cells will be nourished with Life Force Energy, supporting activation of self-repair mechanisms. The model is simple, but the results are profound.

Are you qualified to help bring this breakthrough healing to your community?

IT Manager duties and responsibilities

With the task of overseeing all IT functions of the company, the Manager needs to have expert knowledge of the industry’s best practices and stay up-to-date with advances.

Their main responsibilities include:

Supervising daily operations of network and server infrastructure

Aligning IT infrastructure with current and future business requirements and goals

Managing IT budgets, forecast, handling cash flow and enforcing cost-effectiveness

Evaluating risk, developing network recovery and backup processes

Assessing and purchasing new and replacement hardware

Assuring that IT activities are within the limits of applicable laws, codes and regulations

Testing, troubleshooting and adjusting information systems to operate effectively

Implementing security of the network, data and its storage and communication systems

Tesla BioHealing has been proven to be a very safe and highly effective therapy confirmed by real-world evidence of 10,000+ users.  

Work Locations Available for Immediate Hire:

  • Milford, DE 19963
  • Butler, PA 16001
  • Kearny, AZ 85137
  • East Dubuque, IL 61025

How to Apply:  Please email your CV and related experience to with the subject line: Job Application – IT Manager

About Tesla BioHealing: We are a fast-growing R&D medical device manufacturer and marketer of bioenergetic technology designed to improve life quality of millions of people with unmet needs.

OUR MISSION To bring proven scientific medical research and breakthrough bioenergetic technology together to enrich, enhance, and extend the lives of our customers.

OUR VISION At Tesla BioHealing, we are devoted to providing life-giving solutions previously untapped by illuminating the role of natural cellular activation as a new way to address disease. We believe the future of medicine is based on the knowledge that the human body is an intricate energetic system, capable of activating its own repair mechanisms with the appropriate amount of cellular support.

Tesla BioHealing is pioneering the future of medicine by developing the next generation of energy-based biomedical technology, originated from Nikola Tesla’s discoveries. We have created foundational proprietary FDA Registered Medical Devices that leverage Life Force Energy with a deep understanding of biology, physics, and chemistry to accelerate innovation.

We are proud to be leading bioenergetic medicine into the future with a powerful and natural healing solution that is not only effective but also practical for people in need.

The company is incorporated and headquartered in Milford, Delaware.