There are over 3 million cases of insomnia in America per year, making sleeping difficulties one of the most common health conditions people face today. The inability to fall asleep or stay asleep can be very disruptive to everyday functioning and overall wellbeing. Lack of sleep can lead to depression, anxiety, cognitive compromise, tension headaches, social disruption, irritability and even lead to the development of chronic health conditions as lasting fatigue and exhaustion places continuous stress upon the body.  

Sleep is a natural healing cycle that people with insomnia or other sleep disorders are not able to fully benefit from. Some major health benefits of getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night include but are not limited to: improved heart function, regulation of hormones, inflammation reduction, enhanced vitality, memory improvement and cognition enhancement, weight regulation, mood regulation, and protein production which assists cellular repair.  

Tesla BioHealing knows how important sleep which is why we created our devices to compliment the natural healing cycle of sleep. Simply by placing our BioHealers near you while you sleep or our MedBed Generators underneath your bedframe, and your cells will be supported by a field of pure Life Force Energy. This Life Force Energy has been known to facilitate sleep for a multitude of reasons that are all based in nourishing your cells with the vital healing force they need to recharge themselves and activate their own self-repair mechanisms. Life force energy helps to normalize all bodily systems on local and systematic intracellular levels. The more Life Force Energy your body has to utilize, the faster and deeper the therapeutic processes can be.  

Sleep improvement is one of the first things that people report benefitting from while utilizing our technology. Even people who have not slept well in years find relief simply by having our devices near them at night. One of the main reasons people are not getting adequate rest is due to pain. The Life Force Energy generated by Tesla BioHealing medical devices has been known to facilitate a great deal of pain relief, as well as normalize brain activity to help reduce anxiety levels, and induce a natural sense of calm.   

Some people may find that they are very sensitive to the Life Force Energy generated from our devices and may need to place them further away for a few nights to slowly introduce their cells to the energy field. Once acclimated to the new level of Life Force Energy available, people notice that not only do they have more energy and less pain throughout the day, but that they are having very vivid dreams and sleeping more soundly than ever at night.  





"Noticeable difference in first couple days"

Noticeable difference w/in 2 days of better sleep, tingling in my sinuses, leg, upper back shoulder areas for me. For Dad, he is noticeably more alert. (He has had strokes).

Lisa Baker

"sleep and rest"

When I lay down on the bed it feel like a big hand sweeps over me and says rest. I listen to Jared Rand's daily meditation and lay on the bed during that. It is so restful.

Jeanette Porell

"Recovering from Covid"

Hello, I have the coronavirus and I have been sleeping with Tesla BioHealing device right next to me. I know that it is helping me recover and not become as ill as I could have been. Since I bought the device I have slept. better and my arthritis is less painful. I am grateful for this device being available.

Norma Pohlad

"Subtle yet magical energy to help heal"

I've had this for about 2 months now and the changes I've seen have been quite amazing... definitely sleeping better, more vivid dreams, waking up less achy, with more energy, my skin is clearer and my hair is growing like a weed! Plus my 14 year old dog (who sleeps next to it too) has better energy and is acting more youthful, I love it!

Jennifer Murray

"Amazing product"

I am using the Tesla BioHealing Med Bed in my healing center and integrating it into Reiki sessions. I feel like it amplifies the treatment. Most of my clients are so relaxed that they fall asleep during the session! I find that I am able to tap into heart chakra so easily with these units and pass the love onto my clients.

Michele Martin

"I love my bio healer!"

I had lots of swelling after breaking my ankle. I had been in a cast for 4 weeks and the swelling had not gone down. I ordered the biohealer and received it within a few days. I slept with it by my foot also I put in my chair with me. After 3 days my big toe and the second toe was normal after the 4th day all toes was normal. I'm also a former smoker. I smoked for over 30 years. I noticed my breathing is clearer. I sleep with it every night and when I'm off work I put it in my chair beside me. I tell my friends I would strap it to me if I could. Highly recommend it to all!

Doris Linn


Minutes after receiving the bio healer, I knew I made a good choice. Whatever the magic is, I’m feeling an overall calmness and sleep better.

Cheryl Zaner

"Great Sleep - Never So Good In My Life - Cut Sleep Med in Half and Less Pain"

I have been enjoying great sleep....never slept so good in my life actually cut my sleep medicine in half. I also wake up in less pain....I used to dread getting out of bed it was the worst time of my day....but I wake up in less pain and can handle getting out of bed without having to crawl into the bathroom for a pain pill. I have not experienced in less pain during the day but I am hopeful if I have the healers all over the house it might help.

Robin O.

"Sleeping like the dead. No more pains."

I'm 70 years old and my son purchased a could of these and gave one to me to see if it would help with my sleep. I usually have a hard time waking up with back pains. I am skeptical about these types of products because, but it's not like I had anything to lose. I'm sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed. Love this thing! Wish I could afford the med bed generator!


"Vivid Recallable Dreams - Wonderful Deep Sleep"

Ive been in possession of one of your Tesla bio Healing canisters for over a month to date..One of my most significant to NOT Have it in bed with me for 1 night..It creates a Void within my normal bedtime routine without it...... With it..there is a warming ..radiant vibe that begins at LIGHTS OUT!!..I place it next to me on the bed...I tend to fall asleep much faster..and far more deeply than without the canister by my side..WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! Its the dreams that I have every night that are just simply WONDERFUL...NEVER ARE THE DREAMS..HARSH OR NIGHTMARESISH...The crazy part of all this is...I have a vey high level of RECALL. They are alway vivid and so REAL LIKE.. You wake up in a disbelieving state. WAS THAT FOR REAL??? I can revisit these dreams...even days later..Its mind expanding..I KNOW I WAKE UP...WELL RESTED AND READY TO TACKLE THE DAY!!!