Tesla BioHealing is improving quality of life for our customers faced with terminal cancers.  

Terminal cancers, also known as end stage cancers, are categorized by the modern medical community as having no cure. Any type of cancer may eventually become terminal cancer, and cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body.  

The body is made up of trillions of cells, which when healthy, will grow and divide to form new cells as the body has need of them. In this process, cells that grow old or become damaged die and new cells are formed to take their place. However, when cancer develops this intricate process becomes disrupted. Abnormal cells that are old or damage survive when they should die and begin proliferating to create new cancer cells that can divide without stopping, invade nearby tissue, and form tumors that can break off, and affect other parts of the body which were previously not cancerous.  

One of the many known benefits of Life Force Energy, is its ability to increase the energy potential of any cell in the body. Cancerous cells are almost always low energy cells. In fact, when measured, cancerous cells have been found to only hold about 15 millivolts of membrane potential. It is believed that this dangerously low energy level triggers a defense mechanism causing malignant cells to proliferate in order to try and secure their survival.  

Life Force Energy has been shown to have the ability to increase the millivolt levels of low energy cells back up to the optimum membrane potential of 70-90 millivolts. This increased energy potential is believed to assist keeping cells healthy so that they do not reach a low millivolt level, assist in ceasing unhealthy proliferation of low millivolt tissue, and greatly assist in normalizing low millivolt tissue back to healthy energetic state.   

Increased levels of Life Force Energy can also assist someone who is going through cancer treatments do so in a much more harmonious manner. Many people who utilize Tesla BioHealing technology in conjunction with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, often note being able to complete their treatment course much faster, experiencing very minimal side effects and increased energy levels throughout the process.  

Many people who utilized Life Force Energy generated from Tesla BioHealing FDA Registered OTC Medical Devices after being diagnosed with terminal cancers have experienced a remarkable increase in vitality, drastic reduction in pain, and have dramatically improved their overall quality of life.  




"Prostate Cancer - PSA dropped 150 pts"

I have been suffering from metastatic prostate cancer for 8 years. I have endured a number of trials as the disease has continued to progress. In September my wife researched the Tesla BioHealer information and talked to your representative.
It's now been nearly two months since I've been using the BioHealer. During this time I have noticed a decrease in bone pain, less dizziness, and more energy. It has also been brought to my attention my PSA level has dropped 150 points.
At this point I can't say it is a miracle cure, but it has made my life more comfortable.
Thank you.



"4th Stage Cancer - no pain and stronger now"

For 3-1/2 days I've used the Biohealers in my bed.  I'm at a rehab center but bed bound for now.  I have hardly any pain.  I am able to do leg exercise in bed without struggle.  I am pleased with the results in a matter of days and excited to see what I notice next week. Each day I seem to get a little stronger.  Hopefully will notice changes with the cancer as well.



"Prostate Cancer"

I am a 62-year-old male. I have had my prostrate removed in 2017. My PSA started rising the middle of 2019. And I was sent to my urologist for follow up for further treatment. I got my Bio-healing devise when I started my 33 radiation treatments. I had been a little tired but didn’t notice it really. I was able to sleep very soundly for the entire treatment process. About half way through treatment I noticed that my energy level was much better than before. Before treatment I was talking a half hour to two-hour break in order to cut my lawn. Now, I completely finish my three-quarter acre lawn in one hour. And that includes trimming as well. I have been able to continue my seven-mile walks during treatments. I worked every day during treatments. I have had no side effects during treatments. My cancer doctors and nurses were watching me, they couldn't believe how well I was doing and was sure I would eventually crash? So, my doctor gave me the good news that I will be finished after my 33 treatment. That he was able to treat the cancer on my pelvis as well. Today was my last #33 radiation treatment.



"Stage IV Ovarian Caner"

I have stage IV ovarian cancer. My health otherwise is surprisingly good. I feel that the cannisters are helping me to feel better after my persistent UTIs were finally resolved. Thank you!



"Cancer - BioHealer and Chemo together"

I waited until I heard from my oncologist about my latest CT scan until giving this feedback. He was encouraged that cancer mets growth has stopped except for a few minor increases in my liver mets. He wants to keep me on the same treatment protocol, which usually has a 30 % chance of success. I want you to know that I think your teslabiohealing canisters have helped me with my cancer. Also want you to know that while I am in chemo, I will be having some bad side effects requiring transfusions, etc. so my ability to function well will be diminished by chemo Thank you



"Great results"

My husband has terminal Cancer. Since we have had this healer My husband's pain has gone from a 10 to a 0. Doctors are amazed that my husband has quit taking his pain meds.

Maureen Kolkmeyer


"Cancer - Reduced Pain - Hopeful Daily Living"

Pain levels were significantly reduced after started using the Tesla BioHealing technology. Before the use of the product, experiencing very severe pain that was preventing from completing daily tasks and limited her motivation on a daily basis. After use of our product , delighted that pain levels have decreased significantly and is no longer a debilitating factor in completing daily tasks around the house.  More optimistic and hopeful about the future.



"No cancerous growths & tumors continue to shrink"

I have been feeling better over the last four weeks, less back pain, more motivated to do things, standing taller, happier, in a better mood, etc.  In addition, my nurse practitioner tells me my CT Scan came back with no new cancerous growths and that the tumors continue to shrink.  I haven't yet met with the doctor to see if they have anything else to add.  THANK YOU!



"Cancer tumor on my dogs eyelid healed"

I purchased the Bio-healer for my 13-year old German Shepherd that had a cancer tumor on her eye-lid. CBD oil could only do so much. Sydney sleeps with the Bio-healer at night and I am happy to say the tumor is close to gone. She also seems to be in less discomfort with her hip-dysplasia. Thank you and I am grateful to God for leading me to this site!