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Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and Neuro Fatigue Patient - Becky

“Had stroke beginning of this year. Wasn’t able to walk balanced before the use of Tesla MedBed Generators. Movement from the right side is very troublesome and tiresome since I am right side affected from stroke. Now less jerky and fluid range of motion improvements after the use of Tesla MedBed Generators. I can now write my name and numbers as was not able to do so. Helps with my neuro fatigue and can sleep now without sleeping medicines. By neuro fatigue how I feel towards the end of my day because of my involuntary movement or by my brain from the traumatic brain injury that I suffered…” Becky 

Prostate Cancer Patient – Joe

“Cancer came back – 2nd round of cancer with 2 places on the bones - 6 mm and 8 mm and prostate area…combining Tesla devices with chemo treatment. Started using Tesla devices 2 days before chemo treatment. When combining the use of Tesla devices and chemo treatment together, no side effects from chemo treatment this time, as compared to the previous chemo treatment session without Tesla devices. Even during chemo when combined with Tesla Devices, I feel so much energy and can cut grass within 1 hr without break, and walk 7-8 miles…I couldn’t tell that I had radiation treatment…Went through 36 treatments of radiation, cancer is gone and non-detectable. Couldn’t even tell I had radiation treatment. Feels great energy. My energy level got better! Maintained my full-time job as a 63-year-old cancer survivor. I am not sick!” Joe 

Stroke Paralysis - Kim

Kim is a 64-years old stroke patient. He was paralyzed 9 years ago and did not have any improvement in his quality of life for a long time. However, after he using Telsa BioHealer for just 11-days, his right leg and hip became more flexible allowing him t. He now has the ability to raise his right leg much higher than he normally could. Kim is on the way to improving his mobility and living a better life with the help of his Tesla BioHealing products.

Fibromyalgia Arthritis Chronic Pain Patient - Colleen

“2 weeks of use feedback…over 40 years of chronic crippling pain due in part to Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease and tried all kinds of traditional and non-traditional methods, thought I was beyond hope…however, in the last two weeks, with my bio buddy…the 2nd night I slept all night which was a breakthrough and I had so much energy the next day even hauled mulch! Then the next breakthrough happened when I was in such crippling pain, I felt the pop pop in my c-spine and all of my pain washed away, which I attribute to my bio buddy. Lastly, the level of energy and feel empowered, so charged and so reinvigorated so much so that I don’t need to take a daily nap, no more drugs during the day…all with the help of my bio buddy!” —Colleen 

Stress Management - Meditative Trance - Sleep Troubled Patient – Peter

“Felt asleep within 3 minutes. Felt warmth on the back of my legs and neck and felt had things going on. I do a lot of meditation and was able to get into a deep state of trance right away and knew something is going on. Something hard to describe other than it was good.” —Peter 

Chronic Pain Patient – Carmen

“After 1 week of use. Pain from 20 years or more went away from 1 week. Pain level from 10 to 2 or 0. When I first use Tesla Device, felt tingling. Sleep better, more comfortable, new growth of hair, and scalp, darker. Pain in my lower back for years went away and less intense. The lump and pain went away within 3 weeks.”

Sleep Disorder Patient – Zay

“Sleeping on the Tesla MedBed Generators for 1 hour…sleep all through the night after returning home. Felt so energized. Usually wake up 5-7 times every night before this treatment. Went into a deep slumber.” —Zay 

Multiple Sclerosis – Mardy

"Everything about everything is just simply better. I thought it was just another dumb thing my husband brought home." —Mardy

Chronic Frequent Urination – Guy

Our customer and his doctors tried everything but they couldn't fix his 13 year chronic condition. With the help of our Tesla BioHealing MedBed Generators at our Tesla BioHealing center in Delaware, our customer was finally able to get relief. 

Diabetes – Mark

He is a 63yo diabetic. His blood glucose was running high and varied and his A1C was 8.1 until using the Tesla Adult BioHealers. His blood glucose is now normalized maintaining in the 90’s and his A1C dropped to 5.7.

Cerebral Cavernous Malformations – Marion & Sandy

Their daughter Pam is 52yo and was diagnosed with Cerebral Cavernous Malformations. Hear the amazing benefits Pam has receive since using the Tesla BioEnergy Generators!

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What Customers Are Saying About Us

386 reviews
Advanced Dementia

My husband has advanced dementia, since having the Tesla BioHealing Devices for two weeks, he has been putting on his clothes independently, has more clarity in thoughts and ideas, and has been sleeping better and sound!

Love it!

The healing force of this little "can" is quite amazing. Just having it near me when I sleep I'm starting to dream again! I also have small cysts in my right breast and I swear they are disappearing in only 2 weeks. A miracle! It's next to me all day long and as I sleep! Thank you for such an incredible product. I can't wait to buy more!

Sleeping less.

Since I have been using the Tesla BioHealer, I’m sleeping less & feel rejuvenated upon awakening. This is unprecedented. I have needed a lot of sleep all my life & rarely felt rested & refreshed when waking up. I am now waking up before the alarm, not hitting the snooze button & exercising an hour before work.! I can’t attribute it to anything except the Tesla BioHealer. Thank you for this wonderful technology!

Energy plus

I have stage two lung cancer and decided to go a wholistic way of treatment. I used oils to bring my annuity up and green smoothies and changed my entire diet to greens fish and anything organic. No sugar or anything that turns into sugar until my body regected oils and smoothies. Then noticed my normally high energy flagging so I found you and thought you could help. I since have my energy back and opted to do three rounds of radiation to make sure I’m ahead of it and it remained the same for seven months with no growth.

My cats love the Tesla can

I knew the bio beds would not be out any time all reports the bigpharma and government scum is keeping them from us. So I looked for Tesla healing and found this website.
I ordered the pet healing can for 14 yr old my cat, who has had multiple issues in the last couple of years, including 2 bad hips that go out independently all of the time and a high white blood cell count in his previous blood work. We ordered the can on 07/20/21 and received it promptly 3 days later. Today is 08/01/21. In one week of sitting the can next to him where ever he sat or slept he is walking better...and his hips rarely go out, he has been to the vet after a bout of diarrhea (manufacturer change of his regular food), we had started using the can 4 days prior to the vet appt. I took him to the vet on Tues, July 27, By that time his diarrhea was gone, bowel movement perfect, the vet did more blood work that came back the next day. She fully expected his white cell count to be high. Not only was his white cell count perfect but so was the rest of his numbers. They also did a quick glucose reading the day of the appt and that was normal at 110. The thyroid was perfect, etc etc. She was shocked...and I was elated! I told her nothing about the can...maybe I will when his hips are fully healed. He is feeling so much better that I am weaning him off of the steroid he has been on since they first discovered the high white blood cell count 6 months ago. :)
Additionally...I have a much younger kitty who came to us (showed up on our doorstep) about 3.5 yrs ago. She is approximately 4 1/2 yrs old. She has always had a problem urinating (bladder cysts apparently...that is what the vet said), she has been treated for a urinary tract infection twice and checked for kidney stones, but it never had long term relief for her. She was constantly looking to urinate somewhere, and if inside was always in the litter box. And she could only dribble. Natural supplements and other products only helped to a point, and then she would NOT allow a pill, chew, or anything else to be administered. This went on until we got the Tesla can. We watch who sits down and when, and we move the can accordingly. When the younger cat is sleeping or sitting somewhere we put it by her. She has since been peeing mostly normal. There is no more searching around the yard for a place to pee, or going to the litter box continuously when she is inside. Also, her mostly nasty demeanor toward the other cats is gone. She was always in pain and spatted and swiped at everyone (9 other cats). No more!! She is loving and tolerant of everyone. She even shows it in her eyes. She is a very happy and rested kitty. :)
Also, every cat loves to curl up with the can and take a nap! They even use it for a pillow.
This Tesla healing can is priceless and one of God's miracles. I recommend it to anyone looking to heal their pet and relieve their pain. I'm amazed...but not surprised at all. I had done a lot of research on the Tesla bio healing and fully expected the results we are seeing. We are soooo happy for our pets and our own health!
My husband has it in his arthritic hand right now. :))