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Tesla biohealer canister

Restful sleep. Knee pain gone. Raised itchy mole on wrist completely gone! Detoxing so at first I felt very tired in the daytime but better now.

Felt relaxed after visit

I was introduced to Tesla bio healers at my Chiropractor and nutritionists office (Middlesex Chiropractic).
They offered their clients an opportunity to try the bio healers for free, an hour 3 times a week for a couple of weeks. At that time, I noticed my mood was uplifted, my sleep improved, and my joint and muscle aches were lessened. I had to find out more about this product. I went for a tour of the Butler Tesla Medbed site. I felt so relaxed after that first visit. I had to purchase a bio healers. Then, my husband bought me 2 more for Christmas! I gave the original one to my daughter and she finds some relief from anxiety from it. I named my bio healers Tessy and Teddy. My husband and I sleep with them every night. I took my friends to experience the healing environment too. I did that because I believe it could help them too, plus I feel so good after spending time at Tesla Medbed. I even considered getting a job there for the health benefits if only I could fit it into my schedule! I will be 65 in March, and this product has helped me so much with pain and sleep issues I was experiencing. I thank God for guiding me to this helpful product.

It works

Two words "It works!" I am absolutely thrilled we have a center in Butler!

Information was given from Willie TRUTH call

I have 2 daughters that's seriously ill
When hearing about this technology that's healing the body and mind
I was convinced this is what is needed NOW!

Gift for my wife

We now have 2 units, I use it for lower back nerve pinch, I think it’s working well. Also had it with me when I fell and broke 2 bones in my hand. I travel with it, so it’s around me 18 hrs a day.

First Overnight Session

This was the first time I have used the med beds. My breathing was greatly improved and on going pain at site of brain tumor removal disappeared. Also my arthritis pain was improved. I will be using the beds again and trying the canisters. The facility is lovely and a very relaxing atmosphere.

Wonderful item

Helps me feel revived . I keep unit near me all the time! Love this product

Tesla BioHealer for Adults

1. it's too expensive
2. the "black friday" discount was for a very limited time; I wanted to buy a 2nd Tesla Biohealer for Adults, but the discount expired rapidly
3. I dream more, better; otherwise I cannot measure my health improvement

Great experience

I can readily say that my Medbed experience was positive, and definitely helped my chronic low back pain! Between that and my purchase of a biohealer device, I no longer need daily celebrex!

Preliminary Impressions

Hi! Thank you for sending this to me. I believe that it is too early to rate this device according to the amount of stars. Still, it seems to me that I am sleeping better, and that I have more energy during the day. However, I am enthusiastic, and am keeping the device with me throughout the day. I had to fill out a star selection, so I have placed it in the middle for now. Thanks!

it helps a bit

I find it does help a bit; I just wish it would work more so I could actually feel the difference.I have bought two of them and gave money to my brother to buy his, so I'll have to wait to hear if theirs is helping their pain at all

I felt completely Bio healed!!!

Oh my gosh !!!! This was the best thing we have done in awhile. The people there were extremely helpful and nice. I’d go back in a second !! The hr we used in the room with the canisters helped both my husband and I. I was doing it more for him. Thank you ladies for making our trip so awesome !!!

Overnight MedBed Session | Butler, PA

No longer needs cane

my name is John and I learned about Tesla Biohealers online from someone who uses adult biohealers daily.My testimonial began when my father was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2022.I had learned from this lady online about the tesla biohealing technology .So I began to search more about it and to my surprise we are located near a Tesla bio-healing center.I made an appointment for my father and I to have a 1 hr session just to see how things would go .I must say we are both feeling the effects of the life force energy .My father had chronic pain in his hip and left leg and walked with a cane .He has been for 3 sessions and now doesn't walk with a cane anymore .He also purchased 2 adult bio healers for the house that he keeps with him in his chair and takes them in the bedroom at night .We are taking him back tomorrow for his 4th session hoping we can heal him a little more each trip .I have also been with him for 2 sessions and felt the effects after our first session .The first thing I noticed was the mental clarity on the drive home and that night I slept more soundly then I had in years ,woke up refreshed and full of energy . My wife has been with my father for 2 sessions and has no more hip pain which she has had for years .The effects of this energy are real and I have also purchased an adult bio healer for each side of our bed . I cannot say enough about this technology and my father is going to purchase 2 more adult bio healers after his session tomorrow .I would also like to thank Dr Seth Robinson and staff at the Milford Delaware center for all their help and support . Thank you again John ,Henry

Healing trip

It was great planning a trip next year.


I love the Bio healers for pets! With every inch of my being I truly believe it's what healed my daughters Silver Lab. He is doing awesome!! So thankful.

Tesla BioHealer for Adults
Kathleen Kraskouskas
Thoughts on BioHealer for Adults

Overall, I like the product. I can feel energy and some canisters have a better field than others. Why would this be? Also, I use it in combination with other products I have and find it works even better.

Serene and Calm

When entering the Center, I was met with a beautiful entryway. A delicate oil was circulating about with an appropriate scent conducive to ease and serenity. I was led to a warm and inviting “bedroom”. Sunlight shown through (my choice to keep the drapes open for a while) and the heat on the bed felt so comforting. I had just gotten out of the hospital and I appreciated the quiet peacefulness despite the many other guests. The large and inviting restroom had a large shower and had bars to steady those of us needing help to stand. Laura, the Center Director has a relaxed tone when speaking. I had purchased several full days and this was my first experience. When I left, I was rejuvenated and aptly rested. Thank you, Laura and Dina, for making my first experience one I shall not forget. Looking forward to the next date.

Tampa Spa and Wellness Experience

Most Relaxing Day of my Entire Life! Within 24 hours of my DayStay I was on the floor with my grandchildren without the usual back pain!!!

Enjoyed our stay

This is now the start of my 25th year of detoxing my body. From the moment I realized that it was going to be a long climb back to wellness, I made the commitment to never stop the climb out of the pit. Over the years, I have made serious multi year efforts to continue a daily routine of detoxing my body. Multiple benefits happened over the years including the health of my husband. He finally passed at the age of 92 after smoking for 57 years and the Lord had given him an extended 17 year life span free of tobacco. I moved from Wisconsin to Casa Grande in October,2018.

I purchased a single Bio Healer a year ago and passed it freely among quilting friends for short durations. Then I was notified about Kearney and started thinking about a trip over the mountains to see the facility. I put the word out and Sally joined me for a 2 night experiment. I felt the power almost immediately upon entering the room but Sally didn’t feel anything. The quilting girls didn’t want me to come back with more energy 💃🏼?? I actually had to have a nap the second day and we slept right after going to bed each day. We also fixed our meals right in the room. Nice and comfy accommodations but bring your own electric fry pan. Later, Sally said she did have noticeable changes. I had them immediately. I am planning another stay soon.🥰

Tampa FL experience

Jan and Kevin, We just discovered the medbeds and decided to try for the night. We had separate rooms due to twin beds which was fine but my room had way to much light and I didn't get much sleep. Kevin's room was fine. I have knee problems and was hoping beds would help but didn't see the relief I was looking for. The massage chairs were great! We had a relaxing time. Kevin had some tingling in his hands during his stay. I actually felt drained not sure why, detox maybe?? Anyway I did buy a home Telsa Biohealer. I've been sleeping with it down by my knees and I can say when I get up my knee doesn't hurt as bad. I will keep using and hopefully will see much improvement!

Very good!

My almost 11years old dog magically stop complain. so we don't give her pain killer medicine anymore. We all have a peaceful quiet night.
My frozen shoulder and arthritis pain is gone and I can bent my arthritis fingers with out pain.
My husband's Aspirin and Tylenol has drastically decreased.
After my over night stay at Med Bed center I notice floaters in my eyes decreased.

Tesla Biohealer

This has helped immensely! I totally recommend this to anyone who is battling pain issues and other health problems!

Large fatty tumor got smaller

Hi,y name is April, and I wanted to tell you since we have been using the Tesla BioHealer for adults, my hands don't hurt nearly as bad as before the BioHealer. My dog has a large fatty tumor on her neck, and it's gotten smaller, I'm not kidding! I have more energy so does my husband, I think the healers are helping us all! 3 dogs and us, wow ,I truly appreciate what we have here. Can't wait to visit a med Bed Center,in person. I am looking forward to each morning now. Yay, Tesla!!! We're have you been all my life!!

Slow but sure

I started out the first week and a half noticing several positive changes, but I have a plethora of issues, so I’ll keep plugging along and see how much this will help