Tesla MedBed Sessions for Brain-Based Conditions

We are excited to share that Tesla BioHealing is opening breakthrough Tesla MedBed Centers across the country.

Our medical technology uses Life Force Energy to improve life quality for people with unmet needs, such as those with stroke-paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s’ disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and more.

With Tesla MedBed sessions, people are able to easily, and non-invasively receive highly therapeutic amounts of Life Force Energy. We have seen incredible recoveries take place in very short periods of time from people using our MedBeds. Just by staying at our new centers, you can feel like you are on vacation while your cells become nourished with Life Force Energy. The more Life Force Energy the cells are supported with, the faster and more profound self-repair mechanisms are able take place throughout the body. The process of sleeping on a Tesla MedBed is simple, but the results have been profound. 

Life Force Energy has been shown to greatly improve the lives of those suffering with brain-based conditions whether structurally or chemically induced. Studies have shown that the Life Force Energy delivered by Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices facilitates an increase in brain cell repair rates and assists in decreasing brain cell destruction rates, often with dramatic results even in a matter of days. It is common for people utilizing our MedBed technology to report better sleep, vivid dreams (which is an indicator of enhance brain activity), increased energy and optimism, decreased pain levels, increased clarity of mind and cognitive function, drastically increased mobility and regaining of independence, an effortless enjoyment of life, and much more.    

As you may know, there is no effective pharmaceutical therapy currently available for many brain-based conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, chronic traumatic brain injury, stroke-paralysis, or Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. According to our research and that of others, brain-based conditions are most likely caused by a lack of energetic potential in brain cells, causing an imbalance in the hemispheres of the brain, and cellular degeneration throughout the structure and entire bodily system. Without a mechanism to supply additional amounts of Life Force Energy to the brain and body, it is very difficult to improve life quality, especially after degeneration has been taking place for years. However, even those who suffered with crippling symptoms from brain-based conditions have dramatically, and very quickly regained their strength, cognitive capacity, mobility, and more simply by sleeping on a Tesla MedBed. 

Our new Tesla MedBed Centers will offer a hotel-like environment. Each of our MedBed rooms will be equipped with highly therapeutic amounts of Life Force Energy offering optimal cellular support to the brain and body. Due to its neuroplasticity, the brain is able to absorb very large quantities of Life Force Energy very quickly. The entire body is able to benefit from the absorption of Life Force Energy, but as we have seen with over 10,000 people using our technology to date, brain-based conditions have the fastest recovery times, and with the increased levels of Life Force Energy available from our Tesla MedBeds, people’s lives have been dramatically improved even after just one night stay. According to the trends we have seen, even people who have very chronic cases of degenerative brain-based conditions have great hope to be able to regain their normal quality of life within a 1-2 weeks’ stay at a Tesla MedBed Center.  

If you or a loved one suffer from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke-paralysis, TBI, or another chronic condition, please reach out to us to learn more about Tesla BioHealing technology. Our MedBed Center Headquarters in Milford, DE is open for booking and we are currently accepting pre-bookings for our new Tesla MedBed Centers at the following locations:  

  • Tesla MedBed Center – Kearny, AZ  

  • Tesla MedBed Center – Butler, PA  

  • Tesla MedBed Center – Glenview, IL  

To book your Tesla MedBed stay please email info@teslabiohealing.com or call 302-265-2213.  

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