1 Hour MedBed Session | Milford, DE

1 Hour MedBed Session | Milford, DE

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Milford, DE

Please call us at our location above or email info@TeslaBioHealing.com for more info.

Price listed is per person.


One Hour Tesla MedBed Session:

Hourly MedBed Sessions can be booked for anytime between the hours of 9am and 3pm EST weekdays. Many people note improvements in their wellbeing even after only an hour of resting on a Tesla MedBed, and often tell us that they feel recharged for the rest of the day. This offering is a great option also for those working or living nearby the center who want to benefit from fast Life Force Energy boosts whenever is convenient. Simply by laying on our Tesla MedBed, you will be receiving large quantities of Life Force Energy that the cells of your body can use as at will and as needed to begin recharging and repairing your system. 

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is the naturally occurring vital force of nature that all living cells need in order to be as healthy as possible. The Life Force Energy generated by our medical device offers a completely safe and powerful health solution. After over 3 years of conducting safety and efficacy studies and more than 20,000 people using Tesla BioHealing medical devices, no side-effects have been noted with use of our technology and remarkable health improvements continue to take place for our customers daily.

Known health benefits of Life Force Energy

Increased cellular repair

Improved cell wall permeability, facilitating the efficiency of nutrient intake, and eliminating cellular waste.

Improved circulation

Naturally reducing inflammation and improving immune function.

Improved sleep

Facilitates improved recovery for optimal brain function and immune system support.

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Customer Reviews

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John O
No longer needs cane

my name is John and I learned about Tesla Biohealers online from someone who uses adult biohealers daily.My testimonial began when my father was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2022.I had learned from this lady online about the tesla biohealing technology .So I began to search more about it and to my surprise we are located near a Tesla bio-healing center.I made an appointment for my father and I to have a 1 hr session just to see how things would go .I must say we are both feeling the effects of the life force energy .My father had chronic pain in his hip and left leg and walked with a cane .He has been for 3 sessions and now doesn't walk with a cane anymore .He also purchased 2 adult bio healers for the house that he keeps with him in his chair and takes them in the bedroom at night .We are taking him back tomorrow for his 4th session hoping we can heal him a little more each trip .I have also been with him for 2 sessions and felt the effects after our first session .The first thing I noticed was the mental clarity on the drive home and that night I slept more soundly then I had in years ,woke up refreshed and full of energy . My wife has been with my father for 2 sessions and has no more hip pain which she has had for years .The effects of this energy are real and I have also purchased an adult bio healer for each side of our bed . I cannot say enough about this technology and my father is going to purchase 2 more adult bio healers after his session tomorrow .I would also like to thank Dr Seth Robinson and staff at the Milford Delaware center for all their help and support . Thank you again John ,Henry

AlTarik Johnson
Excellent Experience

The atmosphere in that space was invigorating. If one night made me feel as calme and dream as deeply as that, I could only imagine what a week or month would yield