Life Force Energy (Biophoton Field) Enrichment Massage

Life Force Energy (Biophoton Field) Enrichment Massage

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Inside the 3D Biophoton Field generated by very powerful MedBed Generators, our experienced massage therapist can facilitate the flow of high-strength life force energy to energize and balance your chakras and meridians for self-healing.  Chakras and meridians are the energy and information points and channels to impact body's natural healing mechanisms. To restore balance and promote healing, and beneficial for a wide range of concerns, including discomfort, stress, etc. It can also be used to promote deeper sleep and relaxation. 

Add on a BioWell Energy Scan to see your energy level improvement after Life Force Energy (Biophoton) Enrichment Massage!

List: $90 (30min) / $180 (60min) / $270 (90min)

Introduction Period, we offer: $80 (30min) / $150 (60min) / $200 (90min) (25% saving)

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