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Tesla BioHealer For Adults ($599)
Bioenergize an adult with our powerful portable Tesla BioHealer. 


REGULATIONS: Tesla BioHealer is an FDA registered OTC medical device for promoting blood circulation and reducing pain. 

What is Tesla Energy?

Tesla Energy are longitudinal 3-dimensional waves. It is an energy to empower DNA, RNA, and cellular membrane to have the normal cellular activities and functions, and to enhance ATP production in all cells (except Red Blood cells) allowing each cell in the body to be fully charged with life-energy. Verified by Nicola Tesla at the end of the 19th century, Tesla Energy has been researched, studied, and tested for over 100 years as a natural force that produces extremely positive changes in every form of life. 

Benefits of Tesla Energy for Humans

  • Subtle energy is released consistently to promote natural healing and jumpstart cellular repair.
  • The positive health benefits of Tesla Energy are being used across the globe today.
  • Protects by neutralizing the harmful man-made electro-magnetic frequencies and radiation in and around the body.
  • Cancer cells have a very low electrical frequency (15-20 millivolts) compared to healthy cells (70-90 millivolts). Tesla Energy brings those cancer cells up to normal energy levels, possibly accounting for the healing that many cancer patients have experienced after exposed to Tesla Energy embedded products.
  • Increased cell energy that reduces fatigue, resulting in increased physical energy, strength, and flexibility.
  • Protects cellular DNA from damage by increasing the energy of hydrogen bonds that hold DNA together.
  • Causes blood cells to un-clump, promoting circulation, distribution of oxygen, and the strengthening of the immune system.
  • Facilitates nutrient absorption with improved cell wall permeability thereby speeding up the body’s nutritional intake as well as the detoxification process.
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body.
  • Cleans and improves blood profile.
  • Strengthens immune function.
  • Improves mental focus and clarity.
  • Assists with the regulation of blood pressure.
  • Helps to bring emotions and nerves into balance inducing calmness.
  • Improves the duration and quality of sleep.
  • Completely safe and natural without any negative side effects and beneficial/safe for all age groups and conditions.

Made in America! Manufactured by Tesla BioHealing, Inc. in Delaware, U.S.A.

Return Policy: If you are not happy with your order you can return your order within 30-days.


How To Use A BioHealer:

Tesla BioHealer is delivered pre-activated, ready to use, and no need for any power supply. It automatically and continuously generates 3D bioenergy sphere within a radius of 3FT (1-meter). Place the device in any orientation anywhere within ~3.3 FT (1-meter) distance from you. The closer, the stronger bioenergy, the further away, the weaker bioenergy. You may adjust distance within 1-meter according to your condition by moving the device closer or further from you. Use daily at a minimum of 8 hours to experience an optimal effect and adjust according to your liking.

WARNING: Never open the container which leads to oxidation of the bioenergy producing materials inside of the container. Away from pregnant women or children under 5-years old.

NOTE: FSA - Flexible Spending Account applicable as all of our products are FDA registered OTC Medical Device 

Please Contact: James Z. Liu, MD, PhD, CEO 
Tesla BioHealing Inc.  
111 McCoy Street, Milford, DE 19963
Phone: 302-265-2213 
Fax 302-565-4424
Email: info@teslabiohealing.com 

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Sensory Processing Disorder Cognitive Impairment with Major Accomplishment - Happy Parent

My daughter has suffered with sensory processing disorder which mostly affects her hands / fingers and feet / toes.

She will stand one legged in the shower as the water is too much hitting her left foot.

For the past two days she has ASKED for Epsom Salt foot baths! Her feet and toe nails are already healing. She is taking 2 -3 foot bathes a day.

Also - she has sensory / major gag issues with her teeth / throat. Today she learned how to floss her teeth and was so happy of her accomplishment - she giggled and laughed and wanted me to tell everyone!

Thanks so much, Andrea

Release of pressure in the eyes

I first felt the energy of Tesla Biohealing when I received a shipment of two units from a courier on the street. There was a subtle uplifting energy.
After unpacking, I applied both units to the body at the same time at the level of individual chakras, I perceived a significant increase in energy throughout the body. After applying about 15 minutes of two Tesla Biohealers at eye level, I felt the relief and release of pressure from the eye inflammation I had at the time. I would like to share my further experience with Tesla Biohealing Energy

My New Beginnings

Its been about two weeks and I keep it close on my person all the time and take my Tesla BioHealer everywhere I go; in the car, to the gym, on my walks (its is in my back pack) and take it to bed with me. My stress and worries are gone. I am so grateful, Dr. Johnny

Better Sleep and overall wellness

I have been detoxing and healing (post explant surgery) from Breast Implant Illness. I’ve had severe Joint pain, high lupus levels (SLE) under ANA tests. Thyroid issues and serious inflammatory issues that flared up in a very short time I had those toxic criminal bags placed (2years). My health took a major nose dive.

I have been utilizing these units (x4) in conjunction with my other detox protocols and have noticed a difference in my over all well-being, my sleep has improved somewhat.

It’s hard to say which is working best .. but the addition of these units has definitely showed improvement in my healing journey!

Maria P.

So Excited And Anxious!!

I could not wait to receive the Biohealer as soon as I saw it on my cp screen, I ordered it right away and it came fast, I recieved it on Febuary 4th,2021, and so far I'm keeping it and I ordered 1 for now, and I am noticing some benefits that I need to fuse in with my health regime, I strive to stay on a good health routine but its been very hard lately oh but now its gotten easier wow, I'm sleeping and dreaming better, I am even more focused as today is my 6th straight day on my special eating regime that I really needed more control of and I am finally figuring it out and so far so good!!! I can't wait to tell more in the near future as my body changes as the stubborn fat pockets roll off, so with that said I'm encouraged to eat better foods and I'm sure the biohealer is the reason because my food regime was so unorganized and I worried about that as I am 65 yrs on earth and I'm using the biohealer to aid in cell rejuvination, so wow I'm getting more excited awating more benefits that I would love to share in the near future ... In ending, I have so much Gratitude for you guys creating these Healing devices!!!