Tag Pass Medbed Session - Tag Pass + 1 Biowell Energy Scan | Tampa, fl

Tag Pass Medbed Session - Tag Pass + 1 Biowell Energy Scan | Tampa, fl

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Tampa, fl

Bitte rufen Sie uns an unserem Standort oben an oder senden Sie eine E -Mail an info@telabiohealing.com, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.


Tag Pass Tesla Medbed Session + 1 Biowell Energy Scan:

Tagesaufenthalt so lange wie Sie möchten (bis zu 8 Stunden am selben Tag von 9 bis 17 Uhr)

Entspannen Sie sich und genießen Sie die bemerkenswerten Vorteile des Schlafens auf einem Tesla Medbed.

Sie haben bis zum Ende Ihrer gewählten Lebenskraftergie mit einem schönen gemeinsamen Badezimmer mit übergroßem Wanderschuhen einen vollen Zugang zu Ihrem Zimmer.

Ein Biowell -Ganzkörper -Scan über Meridianer aus allen 10 Fingerspitzen. Zahlreiche Analyseberichte werden erstellt und kurz mit Gast überprüft. Alle Berichte werden an den Gast weitergeleitet, um sich mit dem Arzt/Praktiker ihrer Wahl zu beraten.

Tesla Medbed Center - Tampa FL befindet sich bequem neben dem St. Joseph's Hospital in einem medizinischen Gebäude. Jedes medBed-Raum bietet ein zweigroßes Bett, das mit zentralen exklusiven Biophotonengeneratoren betrieben wird (entspricht 14-facher Medbed-Generatoren der Lebenskraft von Biophoton-Lebenskraft). Das Zentrum hat Badezimmer, eine Dusche und eine Küchenzeile und liegt Minuten von Super Food -Märkten entfernt.

Wir bieten saubere frische Bettwäsche und jedes Zimmer wird vor und nach Ihrem Aufenthalt gründlich gereinigt und saniert.

Übernachtung auch auf Sonderanfrage erhältlich - E -Mail:MedBedCenter-TFL@TeslaBioHealing.com

Erfahren Sie mehr über den Bio-Well-Energie-Scan des Gründers der Technologie der Technologie
(1012) Licht, Energie und ganzheitliche Gesundheit - YouTube

Was erwarten Sie von einer 1 -stündigen Sitzung mit vor und nach dem Biowell Energy Scan?

Vor und nach dem Biowell Energy Scan - 1 -stündige Sitzung mit Medbed -Generatoren verwenden

Durchschnittliche Chakren -Energie - von 5,3 Joule bis 5,9 Joule (X10-2)

Vor 1 Std. Medbed -Generatoren verwenden

Nach 1 Std. Medbed Generator Verwendung

Bitte beachten Sie:
Bio-Well-Energie-Scans sind eine Drittanbieter-Technologie, die nicht von Tesla Biohealing, Inc. per Bio-Well erstellt wurdeDer Hersteller, Menschen mit medizinischen Implantaten, einschließlich Herzschrittmachern, sollten nicht an Bio-Well-Energie-Scans teilnehmen.

Schlaf, um schwerwiegende Erkrankungen im Medbed Center - Tampa FL zu heilen

Dina Georgoulis teilt ihre heilende Erfahrung im Tesla Medbed Center in Tampa, FL.

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Robert Kleebauer

Tampa, FL Center Membership - Feel the healing energy - Neuropathy

Diondra Creswell

Day Pass MedBed Session – Day Pass + 1 BioWell Energy Scan | Tampa, FL

day pass med bed - biowell energy scan tampa,fl.

Nice place , clean , quiet professional people i enjoy my day there ,thanks .

Audrey Michael
Great response and a miracle

Hello, I've heard about Tesla Bio healing from someone I listen to. After researching, I was going to buy the bio healers for my brother. In November 2022, my brother had a stroke from a tumor that was crushing his carotid artery. They had to by pass the tumor and reconnect his artery. I went to purchase the bio healer and found out that they had an actual healing center in Tampa. My mother and I visited the center and I signed him up along with my other brother. After the stroke, my brother was very quiet, unlike his usual self. The docs said it would take time for him to recover. You could ask him something and he would give you a one word answer and not talk much. He seemed to struggle with what he was trying to say. Well the first day in the center, he relaxed and slept. The transformation after that day, was what I would call a miracle. He was actually talking, not just answering a question with a one word answer. The other 3 days, we saw more transformation to him. He was calmer, he wasn't struggling to find the right words to speak. Like I said, it's a miracle. My other brother also saw improvements, but not as quick as my brother who had the stroke. It's like the healing did a 180 on him. And everyone else has noticed so much improvement. He's actually engaging in more conversations, he's wanting to do more things, instead of just staring at the TV. It really is a blessing to watch him go from not doing or saying much, to getting back to his "old" self. He's remembering things that he forgot. He's not struggling to find the "right" words. I believe it was divine intervention that led me to the Tesla Bio Healing. The man was a genius, in my opinion. I was interested the healers for minor aches and pain, etc. But after my brother had his stroke, I wanted to get him the best care I could, even if it meant, going out of the "box". I was so glad that I found a center in Tampa, that actually had the med beds. (Another divine intervention) I know they are 100 times stronger than the personal healers. I didn't care what it cost, I just wanted the best for my brother. And after that first day, I was totally convinced that they had done their work on him. He shows improvement everyday, even after a couple of months, it still continues to heal him. It's a Godsend in what the healers have done for him. I don't care how it worked, I just know that it did. I encourage anyone who has a family member that has had a stroke or other brain injury, to seek out the Tesla Bio healers. I even convinced my aunt to order the personal generators, after she heard what it had done for my brother. She is seeing the benefits of what they can do. This testimony is from personal experience. I've seen what it has done and I am truly grateful for the Tesla Bio healing center. I will continue to tell everyone about this wonderful and healing place. I know they said that we would possibly not see results so soon, but with prayer and positivity, I knew that they would work. I was amazed at how soon it did. I know I might be repeating myself, but it is truly a miracle for my brother and my family. I am so thankful, that I had heard about this from someone on a video channel. Thank you to Shari Raye and a HUGE thank you to Tesla Bio Healing centers, you have made a believer out of me and my family. I hope that everyone will seek out this "alternative" for your loved ones. I am not a big fan of "modern medicine". They actually told my family that it would take months to years for my brother to see improvement. THIS has proved them wrong. The power of prayer, positivity and alternatives have gotten my brother back where he needs to be. Thank you again Tesla Bio healing, you've given my family back my brother. Much love to you all.

Sahara R.
Amazing experience

Day Stay at the Tampa, FL site

M.J. Bruck
The Awakening

In October, I purchased four full days at the Tesla MedBed Center in Tampa, FL. My first visit was amazing. This second one; however, was so powerful, it heightened my libido expeditiously. I spoke to the Director, Laura Poirier, about what I had experienced as it was THAT powerful. (The energy for my whole body was wonderfully comforting and helped with some pain I experience.) Laura told me that it was normal and that it does happen to others as well. I welcomed her input.

I am rather new at this way of healing and I would highly recommend it for lots of reasons. (The energy that promoted my libido awakening was just an added bonus.) The Center is very calm and serene as it is very quiet and refreshing there. Despite the fact that others were there receiving treatments, tours, scans, etc., I was unaware. I appreciated that because I had wanted to quiet my mind, to just relax and heal. And, I did!

I look forward to the next two sessions for healing and relaxation with great anticipation. Thank you, Laura, for your expertise and confidentiality when we spoke. You are truly a gift to the Center and to this way of healing for those of us less knowledgeable.

Bonnie Stopa-Hill
Amazing healing center

Last night I spent my first night in a Med-bed Healing Center in Tampa, Florida, and am feeling much better and more energized this morning! The horrible pain I've been experiencing in my stomach is completely gone this morning and my energy level is also much better already. This center is clean and very comfortable, and the people here are AMAZING, informative, helpful and accommodating. I truthfully can't say enough good about it!

My husband will be spending Thursday night here and I can't wait to see the results; he has dementia. They've had wonderful outcomes for dementia/Alzheimers patients and you can read the testimonies of many who’ve used these beds on their website.

Many of these centers will be more readily available in the coming months, and are the future of healing technology and medicine. I urge you to try one if you are able and I know you won't regret it! This was my first stay here and we have several more scheduled. I will keep you updated as to our progress.

Dina Georgoulis
One month of sleeps at Tampa Tesla Med Bed Center healed me tremendously

This post is to encourage anyone coming back from a major injury, surgery, or illness. Three years ago I became bedridden. I could no longer stand up for more than 5 minutes at a time, lived with chronic body pain and migraines that would make me so sick for days.

I began my deepest inward journey to heal my body and ask it to guide me to what it needed to heal. It’s been awe inspiring and terrifying along the way, as healing usually is. This past week I was able to walk 7,000 steps in one day and 11,000 just a day or two after. Prior to this I could walk one block and be exhausted and winded. This is a victory! I spend the last month sleeping at the Tampa Tesla Med Bed center to charge my cells with bio photon light energy healing, and it did heal many leftover issues my other holistic avenues couldn’t.

It healed my gastroperisis, leveled out my blood sugar, healed up scar tissue and helped my spine to be less impinged from adhesions and stuck tissue, gave me tremendous energy! And my pain is so much less daily!

It even enhances libido which I’m grateful for as my injuries pushed my body into peri-menopause. I can’t say enough about Tesla Life Force Energy from the biohealers and generators! It has really given me my life back! Tampa is blessed to have a center here, but there are 8 other centers nationwide. Please do check out a true non invasive form of holistic healing which works with cellular health! The testimonials and clinical trials results are amazing!

The perfect healing retreat

The best 2 days of my life
I spent 2 days in a row at the Center. I have never felt so much calm and peace. The room was very comfortable, the entire experience was peaceful. I did not want to leave on my 2nd day.
I felt so centered and clear headed. All my pain and inflammation felt like it had gone. I will definitely be back

M.J. Bruck
Serene and Calm

When entering the Center, I was met with a beautiful entryway. A delicate oil was circulating about with an appropriate scent conducive to ease and serenity. I was led to a warm and inviting “bedroom”. Sunlight shown through (my choice to keep the drapes open for a while) and the heat on the bed felt so comforting. I had just gotten out of the hospital and I appreciated the quiet peacefulness despite the many other guests. The large and inviting restroom had a large shower and had bars to steady those of us needing help to stand. Laura, the Center Director has a relaxed tone when speaking. I had purchased several full days and this was my first experience. When I left, I was rejuvenated and aptly rested. Thank you, Laura and Dina, for making my first experience one I shall not forget. Looking forward to the next date.

Was ist Lebenskraftergie?

Lebenskraftenergie ist die natürlich vorkommende wichtige Kraft der Natur, die alle lebenden Zellen benötigen, um so gesund wie möglich zu sein. Die von unserem Medizinprodukt erzeugte Lebenskraftergie bietet eine völlig sichere und leistungsstarke Gesundheitslösung. Nach mehr als 3 Jahren Durchführung von Studien für Sicherheits- und Wirksamkeitsstudien und mehr als 30.000 Menschen, die Tesla-Biohealing-Medizinprodukte verwenden, wurden bei Verwendung unserer Technologie und bemerkenswerte Gesundheitsverbesserungen weiterhin täglich für unsere Kunden für unsere Kunden stattgefunden.

Bekannte gesundheitliche Vorteile der Lebenskraftergie

Erhöhte zelluläre Reparatur

Verbesserte Zellwanddurchlässigkeit, erleichtert die Effizienz der Nährstoffaufnahme und die Beseitigung von Zellabfällen.

Verbesserte Kreislauf

Natürlich Reduzierung der Entzündung und Verbesserung der Immunfunktion.

Verbesserter Schlaf

Erleichtert eine verbesserte Genesung für eine optimale Unterstützung für Gehirnfunktion und Immunsystem.

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