Extended Stay Package | East Dubuque, IL

Extended Stay Package | East Dubuque, IL

Normaler Preis$1,500.00
Time Frame

East Dubuque, IL

To book your stay, book online or please CALL: 815-554-6007


Want to stay for a longer time period in our Life Force Energized rooms? We offer a Long Term Stay Package up to 28 days! There is 7,600x more power than one BioHealer for Adults throughout the room. You can bring up to 3 additional guests with this Extended Stay Package with no cost!

5-Day at $300/day plus 1 BioHealer for Adults = $1,500
14-day at $200/day = $2,800
28-day at $200/day plus two complimentary BioHealers for Adults with a Sleeve = $5,600

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