Übernachtungssitzung | Tampa, fl

Übernachtungssitzung | Tampa, fl

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Tampa, fl

Bitte rufen Sie uns an unserem Standort oben an oder senden Sie eine E -Mail an info@telabiohealing.com, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.


Übernachtung Tesla Medbed Session:

Die Check-in-Zeit für Übernachtungssitzungen beträgt 15 Uhr und die Checkout-Zeit um 12 Uhr.

Entspannen Sie sich und genießen Sie die bemerkenswerten Vorteile des Schlafens auf einem Tesla Medbed.

Übernachtungssitzungen können nacheinander gebucht werden für diejenigen, die mehr als eine Nacht in unserem Tesla Medbed Center verbringen möchten. Bei mehreren Nachtbuchungen haben Sie bis zum Ende Ihrer Lebenskraftergieversorgung vollen Zugang zu Ihrem Zimmer!

Tesla Medbed Center - Tampa FL befindet sich bequem neben dem St. Joseph's Hospital in einem medizinischen Gebäude. Jedes medBed-Raum bietet ein zweigroßes Bett, das mit zentralen exklusiven Biophotonengeneratoren betrieben wird (entspricht 14-facher Medbed-Generatoren der Lebenskraft von Biophoton-Lebenskraft). Das Zentrum hat Badezimmer, eine Dusche und eine Küchenzeile und liegt Minuten von Super Food -Märkten entfernt.

Bitte bringen Sie das mit, was Sie normalerweise mitbringen würden, während Sie in einem Hotel übernachten. Wir bieten saubere frische Bettwäsche und jedes Zimmer wird vor und nach Ihrem Aufenthalt gründlich gereinigt und saniert.

Schlaf, um schwerwiegende Erkrankungen im Medbed Center - Tampa FL zu heilen

Dina Georgoulis teilt ihre heilende Erfahrung im Tesla Medbed Center in Tampa, FL.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Martha Spears
A Wonderful Healing Experience

I have had 6 overnight stays at Tesla Bio Healing in Tampa. Laura has a magnificent center and goes above and beyond to make her guest comfortable. She has done a beautiful job decorating and has everything to make your stay pleasant. The past two visits I used the sauna blanket (new addition from my previous visits), it was wonderful! The bathroom and shower are conveniently located across the hallway from the sauna blanket room. The massage chairs always help with the tightness that I have in my body from everyday stress and tension. I can feel the inflammation decreasing within a short time after arriving. Having the Bio Healers throughout the center allows you to heal no matter where you are. It's amazing how well our cells heal when around this much healing energy. Laura's center is always quiet, peaceful and relaxing. I would recommend visiting and having this delightful experience no matter what age group you are in. Privacy is not an issue; every room has a door that locks. Also, I do recommend the Bio Well scans. It is exciting to hear about the bottled water that is available now.

Thank you for sharing your happy experience after you used our wellness facility in our Tampa Center in Florida. Your nice words about Laura are very encouraging. Thank you! Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff.

Rana Dakdouk

Hello, my name is Rana and I can say I am fortunate to have found out about the Tesla biohealing. I stayed at the Tampa center for 5 nights and it was an amazing experience. My major health concern is early stage breast cancer, I never had any health concerns or pains. I am a nutritionist and eat healthy, so the news was a shock to me, however I had high levels of stress. The reason I was interested in Tesla biohealing is to release stress and give my body the exposure of life force energy to help my body self repair on a deeper level. I am highly satisfied with the experience and amazed with the improvement on my body scans before and after. My energy reserve went up from 92% to a 100%, overall energy went up from 49 to 60, I was sleeping deep and feeling refreshed in the morning. Overall, it was a great experience and highly recommend it to anyone with or without any health concerns.

Dear Rana,

Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with Tesla BioHealing! We're thrilled to hear that you had a great time at our Tampa center and that you noticed improvements in your energy levels and overall well-being. We appreciate your recommendation and are here to support you on your wellness journey. Please remember that, following regulations, our product is not promoted for special use or intended use. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Amine D.
We will definitely be back!

I stayed at Tampa Center for 2 overnights....my appetite increased, my knees feel pain relief and an old injury on the right side of my spine hasn't hurt in a couple days and overall more clarity waking up! My right shoulder around my rotator cuff has had a lot of pain relief. I feel a more positive energy while here. It wasn't hard to fall asleep in the center, very comfortable room and the massage chair was amazing.

Dear Amine D.,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you had a comfortable stay at our Tampa Center and experienced increased appetite, pain relief, and overall clarity. We're also glad to hear that our massage chair provided you with an amazing experience. We appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming you back in the future!

Best regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Medge Jaspan
Awesome Just Awesome!

So much to say that I am speechless. It was so good that I am not part of the Tesla BioHealing team!
I am loving my experience everyday and I enjoy witnessing people life improving daily. Thank you so much for this great discovery!

Dear Medge Jaspan,

Thank you for your amazing review! We are thrilled to hear that you are loving your experience with our product and that you are witnessing daily improvements in people's lives. Your kind words mean a lot to us and we appreciate your support. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you again for your feedback!

Best regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Kathy Levesque
The Center is like Home!!

I purchased a Friends and Family package and used it over the last 5 months. The center is so nice and clean and comfortable! I enjoyed the yoga room, bathroom is so clean and beautiful shower! Since my first visit less back pain overall, lots more energy and sleeping so amazing since being in the center! My dark circles are gone and I have much more clarity overall! My german shephard is 8 yrs old and I have 1 biohealer at home since January and my dog is more playful, loves being around the biohealer and acts more like 5 than 8. My younger dog is 4 and loves to be around the biohealer! Laura and Dina are so very helpful and nice!

Dear Kathy Levesque,

Thank you so much for your kind words and for choosing our Friends and Family package! We're thrilled to hear that you found our center to be clean, comfortable, and enjoyable. It's wonderful to know that you've experienced less back pain, increased energy, and improved sleep since your first visit. We're also glad to hear that your furry friends are benefiting from the biohealer as well. We appreciate your support and are here to assist you whenever you need us.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Carla Thorne
Med bed center

Laura was wonderful but the center was empty after hours and there wasn’t any TV or anything to do- no comfortable chairs to sit in and read… they have massage chairs but due to my neck injury can’t sit at that angle for very long. I was hoping for more results since I bought 4 canister also but without results

Dear Carla Thorne,

Thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience at our Med Bed Center. We appreciate your kind words about Laura and her wonderful service. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lack of entertainment options and comfortable seating after hours. We value your input and will take it into consideration as we strive to improve our facilities. Regarding the results you were hoping for, we understand your expectations and would like to remind you that our product is not promoted for special use or intended use. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Tesla for the WIN!!

I had an amazing overnight stay in Tampa!! I have a lot of energy equipment at home and it just has not done what I needed it to do. My first phone call was with Dina who was a wealth of information. A day later I booked an appointment. I am a caretaker for my 80-year-old mom which is a 24/7 job and very stressful. My overnight at the center was my first night away from her in almost 7 years. It was fantastic! The center is warm and inviting! The center director, Laura, is just a sheer delight! It's very obvious how much she cares! I left feeling such clarity and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! The following week, I took my mom back to have a scan done and order two of the new Tesla bricks. Physically I didn't experience a lot of changes during the overnight, but as I mentioned I have a lot of energy equipment at home. Blood sugar reduction without meds is something I've been working on for 4 years to no avail. I received the Tesla Plus and Alpha on April 11th. One week later, I am happy to report my blood sugar numbers have never been better! It's crazy to me... Crazy good!! I cannot say enough about this technology! I will be back to add to this review in another month or so. Don't delay! Try this technology now!! 🤗

Dear Chris Avramidis,

Thank you so much for your amazing review! We're thrilled to hear about your fantastic overnight stay in Tampa and how our center provided you with a much-needed break from your caretaker responsibilities. We're glad that you found our center warm and inviting, and we appreciate your kind words about our center director, Laura.

While we cannot directly tie positive experiences or medical conditions to our device, we're delighted to hear that you've noticed positive changes in your blood sugar numbers after using our Tesla Plus and Alpha. We're grateful for your support and look forward to hearing more about your experience in the future.

Thank you for choosing Tesla BioHealing!

Best regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Diana Ferrell
Miracle Bed

I am 2 weeks out post op back surgery. Upon arriving I had driven 6 hours. My back was burning, and some electrical shooting pain. I laid on the bed, and within 5 minutes, my back wasn’t burning, and no electrical shooting pain. I’m an hour I could feel a pulsing going back left to right across my back hip to hop. The pulsing went up my spine slowly. I then felt my head begin to pulse back and forth, and then a gentle pulsing in my brain. Very relaxing. I stayed for 2 overnights. It was very serene and peaceful, which is so important in the healing process. I drove back home, and was expecting the burn and electrical pain. I had none. I then realized that because of the spine injury my right leg and foot had been numb. I hadn’t felt them in a few months. When I stepped out of my vehicle to take my bag in. I felt my foot!! I then touched my legs, and I could feel my hand on my leg. All the numbness is completely gone. I went to see my surgeon for my 2 week post op back surgery follow up. He could not believe how well, and how fast I was moving. Pain free and ANEW. I highly recommend these beds, and the technology. Laura provides not only a retreat space, but a safe space to heal, and experience this amazing technology. I know results are different for everyone, but for me it was wonderful, and I can feel the results. I’m doing excellent and my surgeon said he does r expect me back again. That I can go back to my regular routine in a couple more weeks. Thank you Laura for the space to heal, rejuvenate, and to regain my full strength.

Dear Diana Ferrell,

Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with our overnight medbed session in Tampa, FL. We're thrilled to hear that you found the experience serene, peaceful, and beneficial to your healing process. While we can't directly tie specific medical conditions or benefits to our device, we're glad to know that you felt relaxed and experienced positive results. We appreciate your recommendation and are grateful for the opportunity to provide a safe space for healing and rejuvenation. Thank you for choosing Tesla BioHealing.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Lynnette R.
Positive affect and effect of Tesla BioHealer use

I have had several stays at the Tampa Tesla MedBed Center-in addition to purchasing 2 home units. My purpose in pursuing the use of these products was to live the healthiest I can from a cell level. I am fortunate to not have any significant health issues except for the overall aging process. I am 68. I have had day stays and overnight, plus sleep with the 2 canisters. Overall I have more calm yet higher energy and thus I seem to have more vitality. As one who seeks alternative health measures I have been very pleased with the results of the use of these biophotons to live as healthy as possible.

Dear Lynnette R.,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Tesla BioHealer! We appreciate your support and are thrilled to hear that you have noticed a positive impact on your overall well-being. Our goal is to provide products that promote a healthy lifestyle, and we are glad to hear that you have found value in using our biophotons. Please remember that following regulations, our products are not promoted for special use or intended use. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

julie E
Overnt Tesla Biofield Recon

Stayed overnight in the "medbed" with Tesla generators underneath. The room and office were very tranquil. You could only VERY subtly feel the energetics while in the room with the generators. You had to drop very deeply within to feel the energy runs throughout body while on the beds. You could tune into the energy field while sitting or lying on the bed otherwise you would BARELY notice the Tesla generated energy field. I had no previous maladies with which to make comparisons of before and after exposure. I slept in only 45 minute intervals all night, awakening to the low vibratory induction running through my cellular and energetic fields. Finally arising early next morning , I left facility feeling fully charged. In comparison to Scalar EES exposure, the 2 are quite different utilizing differing quantum fields. The scalar immediately puts you into Hertzian gamma fields however Tesla waves are non Hertzian and are EM oscillations which affect and conduct differently on the human biome. Different effects on the human biofield but both extensively repair in their own frequency vehicle to promote natural rhythmic harmonics to induce biome resets.

Dear Julie E,

Thank you for sharing your experience with our Tesla Biofield Recon overnight medbed session in Tampa, FL. We're thrilled to hear that you found the room and office tranquil, and that you were able to tune into the subtle energy field while sitting or lying on the bed. We appreciate your comparison between Scalar EES exposure and our Tesla waves, as they both have their unique effects on the human biofield. We're glad to know that you left our facility feeling fully charged. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Warm regards,
Tesla BioHealing Customer Support Team Staff

Was ist Lebenskraftergie?

Lebenskraftenergie ist die natürlich vorkommende wichtige Kraft der Natur, die alle lebenden Zellen benötigen, um so gesund wie möglich zu sein. Die von unserem Medizinprodukt erzeugte Lebenskraftergie bietet eine völlig sichere und leistungsstarke Gesundheitslösung. Nach mehr als 3 Jahren Durchführung von Studien für Sicherheits- und Wirksamkeitsstudien und mehr als 30.000 Menschen, die Tesla-Biohealing-Medizinprodukte verwenden, wurden bei Verwendung unserer Technologie und bemerkenswerte Gesundheitsverbesserungen weiterhin täglich für unsere Kunden für unsere Kunden stattgefunden.

Bekannte gesundheitliche Vorteile der Lebenskraftergie

Erhöhte zelluläre Reparatur

Verbesserte Zellwanddurchlässigkeit, erleichtert die Effizienz der Nährstoffaufnahme und die Beseitigung von Zellabfällen.

Verbesserte Kreislauf

Natürlich Reduzierung der Entzündung und Verbesserung der Immunfunktion.

Verbesserter Schlaf

Erleichtert eine verbesserte Genesung für eine optimale Unterstützung für Gehirnfunktion und Immunsystem.

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